The municipal government team of Cáceres will propose a tax review and the hotel industry, commerce and tourism will pay slightly less – Digital Extremadura

The municipal government team of Caceres will propose a tax

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The Councilor for the Economy, María Ángeles Costa, has announced that the Government team will propose a modification of two Cáceres tax ordinances in the next Economic Commission, specifically the one relating to mechanical traction vehicles and the one relating to real estate, and hospitality, commerce and tourism will pay slightly less.

Regarding the first, Costa has pointed out that Cáceres had one of the lowest rates in the country, “and the number of vehicles has increased greatly in recent years, so it is necessary and essential to invest in the repair of roads, in deterrent parking, accessibility, pedestrianization, etc “.

“For this we propose an increase in some of the vehicles,” he has detailed, “an increase that will not be linear in all rates since different issues have been taken into account to do it, including the emission of gases. We maintain the rates for mopeds and motorcycles under 125cc. With regard to passenger cars, the rate goes from 50 to 54 euros (for those from 8 to 11.99 tax horses) and from 100 to 113 euros (for those from 12 to 15.99), which will mean a increase of 4 and 13 euros per year, respectively ”.

We want Cáceres to continue to be a low-emission city, he added, “and for this reason it is proposed to increase the discounts from 50 to 75% for motor vehicles of the passenger car, truck, vans, vans, adaptable mixed vehicles, buses and coaches. of electric or hybrid motors that are factory approved incorporating catalytic devices suitable for their class and model that minimize polluting emissions ”.

With regard to the real estate ordinance, Costa has indicated that the revision of the presentation of values ​​is from 1995, “which means that the vast majority of properties in our city have cadastral values ​​well below what they should have” .

He also recalled that the PP in the previous legislature, “even being aware of the situation that had been dragging in the City Council, and pushed by the Citizens group, made two totally unjustified drops and only for electoral purposes of the tax. What is proposed now is to recover that rate of 0.75% ”.

As examples in numbers, a flat in Aldea Moret will mean an annual increase of about 7.63 euros (0.64 per month), in Mejostilla 13.05 euros (1.09 per month), in El Junquillo 13.21 euros (1.16 per month), in Montesol 29.17 euros (2.43 per month), in Cáceres el Viejo 28.43 euros (2.37 per month) or in R-66 where the increase will be greater over about 45.05 euros (3.75 per month).

However, he added, “we are very aware of the situation that sectors such as commerce, hospitality or tourism have gone through in our city and therefore we propose a provisional bonus for the year 2022, which will mean that next year they will pay with a rate of 0.675% compared to the current 0.7% ”.

But from the Government team “we want to take into account that said bonus really benefits those who are exercising, therefore the activity must prove during the months of January and February 2022 that they meet a series of requirements”.

The requirements are: that the activity be carried out in the property before March 15, 2020 and that it continues until December 31, 2021; be up to date with the payment of all municipal taxes and fees and that they are domiciled; In the event that the property is leased and the activity is carried out by a person other than the taxpayer, it will be necessary for the taxpayer to prove that a moratorium or postponement in payment has been carried out in favor of the owner of the activity. of the rent, a reduction in the same or adopted any other measure, of a similar nature, that helps to ensure the maintenance of the activity, with this the tenant also benefits ”.

We also propose as a novelty, Costa pointed out, “that urban properties whose cadastral value is greater than 350,000 euros, excluding those for residential use, the tax rate will be 1%. To those who have use of commerce, hospitality or tourism, the 0.90 will be applied in the year 2022 with the same previous requirements ”.

With these two measures, he highlighted, “we expect to increase revenues in 2022 by about 2 million euros. Each of these euros will be invested in the city, improving services with investments such as street repairs, accessibility improvements, sports infrastructures or the much-demanded expansion of the cemetery, among others ”.

“In the case of the IBI we reversed the two reductions in the legislature and in the IVTM it is a slight growth. We are talking about an average increase between the two taxes of about 30 euros a year (2.5 euros per month) “, he detailed,” we ask the citizens of Cáceres for a small effort so that Cáceres continues to grow and advance, so that we can all build the city ​​that we all want and deserve ”.

“The situation of the city council in recent years has given rise to little investment, with a reduction in public services and areas of our city very deteriorated, but accompanied by reductions in some taxes that we believe are unjustified,” Costa stressed, “In these two years government, the services provided to citizens have been improved: buses, cleaning …, but it is necessary to continue improving them ”.

“When we entered the town hall, we were very aware of the need to increase income in order to be able to undertake those actions that citizens demand of us every day. We were thinking of raising it a year ago but the pandemic situation entered and the mayor was well aware that he could not undertake at that time. Now, although the Covid situation has not been solved, if we see a growing economy (better tourism data, improved unemployment data in the city …) and with this measure it will be possible to attract companies and increase employment in the city, and hence it is done at this time ”, concluded Costa.

Half Marathon Celebration and San Miguel Fair

The spokesman for the Government team, Andrés Licerán, has reported that the Local Government Board has decided to request Public Health authorization to hold the XIV Half Marathon ‘Cáceres Heritage of Humanity’ on September 19 “under the conditions that they determine ”and that the intention of the Government team is that the San Miguel Fair be held from September 26,“ and all the services of the City Council are working on its organization ”. Likewise, the Governing Board has authorized the celebration of the Extremúsica Festival from October 8 to 11 at the fairgrounds.

The spokesperson stated that “we continue to support events in compliance with all health measures, because it is important to recover the pulse in the city.”

Regarding the Covid situation, he recalled that level 3 health alert continues in the Health Area, “and the trend of infections in the city continues to decline. They continue to try to rescue unvaccinated people through the self-appointment that is now open to all ages from 12 years.

He recalled that mass screening is still being carried out at the Virgen de la Montaña Hospital in the afternoon (from 3:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.), “and the autocovid has been transferred to the CIFE warehouses, next to the Pinilla fields.”

In another vein, Licerán has reported that last night a fire broke out in Cerro de la Buitrera, and 10 hectares of low grass and mountain scrub have burned.

The notice was registered in the Sepei around 11:15 p.m., and the Sepei, Infoex and the Local Police media attended. The Ministry of Agriculture decreed level 1 of danger due to the proximity of the San Marquino homes and the electrical installations in the area. At 1:30 a.m. it was considered stabilized and level 1 was deactivated, being extinguished at 2:30 a.m.

Licerán has indicated that the area has been cleared recently, “and we suspect that it has been provoked.”

He thanked the work of all the officers who participated, “and especially the counseling for their support and coordination at all times.”

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