Teaming up with the governor: Lorenzo Rivera Nava

Teaming up with the governor Lorenzo Rivera Nava

Just over a month after fulfilling the family tradition and taking protest as municipal president of Chignahuapan, Lorenzo Rivera Nava was optimistic about the kind and receptive treatment of Governor Luis Miguel Barbosa Huerta, with whom he already had his first talks and agreements.

In an interview, the elected mayor of said municipality of the Sierra Norte explained that he spoke with Barbosa Huerta about the need to team up in various areas, such as security, economic development, the fight against the pandemic, “I felt him close, cordial, very knowledgeable from the region and eager to work together ”: / the-president-meets-elect-lorenzo-rivera-with-himgovernor-miguel-barbosa /

In the conversation with the governor, “he asked me to do a coordinated, honest job and be efficient in matters of security, social and economic development.” In response, the head of the state Executive offered him the support of his administration and coordination with the members of his cabinet.

So far, Rivera Nava has defined 60 percent of his cabinet and by the first days of October the entire work team will be armed. He announced that his general secretary will be Ernesto Cortés, Pedro Lecona will come to the Comptroller’s Office and Vanessa Castilla will be the head of Social Communication.

Asked about who will be the head of Public Security, he said that he has not yet decided. A PRI member of family and tradition, he announced that the parties that accompanied him in the coalition that won the election, PAN, PRD, etc., will have positions in the next town hall, although he did not specify which ones.


He stressed that he will lead a plural administration and that the state leaders of the PRI and PAN, Néstor Camarillo and Genoveva Huerta, have not approached to request positions for any particular person, although they did ask him to take into account the militants of their parties who supported him in the campaign: / lorenzo-rivera-highlights-his-hood-job-in-meeting-with-the-leader-national-of-pri-alito-moreno /.

He reiterated the need to turn the electoral contest around and admitted that, to date, he has not met with his main adversary in the campaign, Morena’s candidate, Juan Rivera, although he has done so with other rivals, because the important thing is to create a city council that brings together the society of Chignahuapan with leaderships, consensuses, etc.

Among the first actions of his management will be to strengthen security and the Civil Protection area, because the Festival of Light will be held and at the end of October it is the traditional fair of the municipality and a mixed event will be held; In other words, handicrafts, tourism and economic activity in the city will be highlighted, but with limitations for mass events, such as concerts.

Rivera Nava added that Chignahuapan was one of the municipalities affected by Hurricane Grace and, consequently, a diagnosis of victims and damages is carried out, to determine the actions to follow. Although he announced that there will be a broad program of housing for the affected people, remodeling of roads, repair of public spaces, etc.


He admitted that natural phenomena, such as Hurricane Grace, the earthquake on Tuesday, September 7, and the rains modified his government plan, because the need for the next municipality to address vulnerable items, such as damaged homes, agriculture, forestry development increased: / lorenzo-rivera-nava-president-elect-reforesta-with-10-thousand-trees-the-forests-of-chignahuapan /

Rivera Nava ruled out that, as has happened in some municipal administrations, he or his Cabildo increase salaries when they take office. He specified that the mayor earns about 30 thousand pesos a month, the councilors around 25 thousand pesos and that is how the salary tab will be left and, even, he raised the possibility of making administrative adjustments, lowering taxes for the benefit of the people.

Two of the most important joint projects with the Zacatlán city council for the next triennium are the construction of an inter-municipal sanitary landfill and the industrial park, because 20 years ago the land was bought with money from both towns and it is necessary to start it .

Finally, Rivera Nava admitted that 8 percent of the people in Chignahuapan suffer from extreme poverty, “it is something that moves us, it hurts us, personally it commits me and we will focus on those families, we have to get them out of those poverty rates, in addition to the fact that 4% of the people lack a firm floor at home ”.

It is not about percentages or numbers, but about people, families that require much stronger support from the next Chignahuapan city council, that needs to innovate and be efficient to support people to overcome poverty rates, because the commitment of the next triennium is to reduce at least by half the percentage of inhabitants in extreme marginalization in the municipality.