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Preparation Tournament 2021 what each team needs to go to

This weekend the fifth and last date of the first phase of the 2021 Preparation Tournament will be played and the semifinal crosses will be defined. In both areas there are three clubs for two places: in A Paraná, Agricultores y Defensores Unidos and in B Miter, América and Banfield.

In the first group the three sets depend on itself. Albirrojo and Rojiverde will face each other on Sunday and whoever wins will go on to the next instance. If on Saturday the cast of Governor Castro triumphs, qualify. In case of a tie, he needs Defensores Unidos not to win and if he loses, that CADU does too.

In B, Red has one foot inside. They are only eliminated if they fall to Las Palmeras by a wide goal difference and the Drill beats La Roca by much difference. Al Sabalero is enough to equalize against San Roque.

Miter and Banfield tied 2 to 2. Photo: La Opinion.

Taking into account that before equality in points, the first thing that is taken into account is the result in the match against each other, in agglomeration A Paraná has an advantage over Agricultores, which in turn has it with Defensores Unidos and Independencia, which by said rule is out of the fight. In the B Miter he has this benefit over America, but not with Banfield with whom he tied 2 to 2 in the group stage. The Sabalero is above the Drill in that section.

This week the Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sports (A.Pre.Vi.De.) authorized the entry of a hundred more people to sporting events, so that amount of tickets can be sold in the games scheduled at the Municipal Stadium and the Pablo Noat Sports Center in La Esperanza. These participants do not include players, coaches, leaders and other members of each delegation.

Zone A

Saturday September 4

12.30: Independence-Farmers (at the Municipal Stadium)

16.30: La Esperanza-General San Martín (at the Municipal Stadium)

Sunday September 5

12.30: Defensores Unidos-Paraná (in La Esperanza)

Preparation Tournament 2021 what each team needs to go to
Zone A.

Zone B

Sunday September 5

12.30: Miter-Las Palmeras (at the Municipal Stadium)

16.30: Banfield-La Roca (in La Esperanza)

16.30: San Roque-América (at the Municipal Stadium)

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Zone B.

In the last ordinary session in the Pedro Barri room of the LDS it was decided that the semifinals of the 2021 Preparation Tournament for first and reserve will be the weekend of September 18 and 19 because on the 12th in Argentina the Primary elections will be held, Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory (STEP).