Pablo Casado: this is the economic team of the PP leader to conquer La Moncloa

Pablo Casado this is the economic team of the PP

The surveys reflect, on the one hand, the deterioration of the government. On the other, a rise of the Popular Party as only option for a viable alternative and realistic to shift the left of the nation’s power. In the last thirty years, socialism (in this case with the ingredient of the Podemos radicals) has only been displaced from power -Felipe González in 1996; Rodríguez Zapatero 2011- when the economic situation became impossible. Something similar can now happen – with figures much more serious for the sake of the pandemic – and in this sense, actors of the real economy are beginning to move.

Pablo Casado has always given top priority to its economic program, aware that it is one of the strengths of its alternative. Who and who are the people who currently make up the economic “hard core” of the casadism?

Aim. Luis de Guindos, current vice president of the European Central Bank (ECB) is one of the people who most consults the head of the PP since he took over the party. He values ​​in the former Minister of Economy with Mariano Rajoy his public / private experience and the extraordinary observatory that he currently has in Frankfurt, headquarters of the ECB, where he is one of the people of confidence of President Christine Lagarde.

Jaime García-Legaz. Former Secretary of State for Commerce in the Rajoy Government and currently a professor at Cunef and director of DIA, Savings and Financial Corporation and of different companies. It values ​​his economic and management experience in the national and international areas and his vision of the economy in the era of globalization.

Jose Abad Hernandez. Expert in Business Law and in the Financial Sector. He was Chief Analysis Economist at the Official Credit Institute (ICO). He was co-opted by Casado as an independent director in Red Eléctrica Española (REE). He has extensive international experience.

Roman Escolano Olivares. The Aragonese is another of the chamber “consultants” of the head of the Spanish center-right. He was President of the ICO, Vice President of the European Investment Bank and Minister of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness in the last Government of Mariano Rajoy. He belongs to the Superior Body of Technicians and Economists of the State. I work for BBVA as director of institutional relations.

Mario Garcés. Treasury Inspector and State Auditor. Former Minister of Finance in the Government of Aragon and former Secretary of State in the previous Government of the Popular Party. He is a deputy for Huesca and deputy spokesperson for the Popular Group in Congress for economic issues. He is one of the most outstanding figures within the teams currently working with Casado. A versatile scriptwriter and writer, he is a disciplined “loose verse” that strikes to remove the PSOE from power and implement a liberal model in Spain.

Elvira Rodriguez. She was Minister with José María Aznar and President of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) with Rajoy, and Secretary of State for Budgets with Minister Cristóbal Montoro. She is one of the veterans with extensive experience in the different stages of public administration that Casado has surrounded himself with, like his partner Ana Pastor. She was president of the Tragsa company. Graduated in Economic and Political Sciences, she was one of the first Spanish women to access the Body of State Auditors and Auditors by opposition. Last year Pablo Casado appointed her Deputy Secretary General for Sectorial Action, which mainly encompasses the economic area.

President popularIt also has different external consultancies. Among them, those of Fatima Banez, seven years as Minister of Employment and Social Security, author of the famous labor reform of the PP, which from the left everyone says they want to counter-reform, but no one dares. Currently, he chairs a CEOE Foundation dedicated to labor issues.

Along with the cast of women and men described above, there is also Daniel Lacalle, a pure liberal, who was elected deputy in the last elections in the PP lists but who, finally, preferred to continue working in the private sector. Your opinion -for your knowledge of international economic trends- is highly valued by Casado.

Something similar happens with the former Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and the Environment Isabel Garcia Tejerina, currently at the international consulting firm EY. Woman considered one of the best specialists in Spanish and European agriculture. She was the negotiator for the last major CAP in Brussels. His position in Congress and the party has been filled by the Palencia deputy Milagros Marcos, a former councilor in the same area for years in the Government of Castilla y León.

Principales inputs

The experts popular They consider that, in effect, there may be a “rebound” in the mark of the Spanish economy after the pandemic, “but this does not and cannot mean an economic reactivation as Spain needs…”, underlines one of Pablo Casado’s collaborators.

“We have to identify the structural reforms that Spain needs to move forward with robustness … For example, reduction of the deficit and public debt and from there strongly promote the decline in unemployment to its current levels …”, they point out.

“We believe that a tax cut is essential for this, as has been done in Madrid and other territories governed by the Popular Party …”, they add.

In general opinion within the economic team of the PP it is that Sánchez has very limited their ability to face a new Law of General Budgets, “Precisely because of the pressure to which it is subjected by its partners, both from Podemos on the one hand, and from ERC, Bildu and PNV, on the other. The latter are already putting the pot to see what falls …!

Another serious problem facing the Government, analysts understand popular, «Is that the European Structural Funds they will not arrive on time to the companies…”. And that is an important handicap in the face of the vaunted recovery that the Government and, specifically, its president boasts … “