I have a team of specialists to solve the problems of Honduras: Salvador Nasralla

1631610656 I have a team of specialists to solve the problems

Tegucigalpa (Digital Process / By Jorge Sierra) – The presidential candidate of the Salvador Party of Honduras (PSH), Salvador Alejandro César Nasralla Salum, said that now more than ever he is so close to becoming the country’s president. “Today I don’t depend on anyone, only good people. The previous times I had no structure with the PAC, and with Libre I only had 67% of the tables covered, now I hope to be 100% ”, he said.

– His first presidential execution will be to annul the ZEDEs, he revealed.

– I am going to use the national budget and the loans as if they were my money, that is, I am tight-fisted, I am austere, I know how to use resources properly so that they perform.

In a conversation in the newsroom of Digital Process, boasted that it has the most successful television programs (X-0 Da Dinero and Cinco Deportivo) in the history of the country, however, he expressed himself, he decided to venture into politics due to popular pressure and not because he is passionate about it.

The engineer Nasralla claimed to have the team of specialists to govern Honduras.

“Politics has a lot to be hypocritical and I am not, I go straight ahead, and that is what they criticize me the most. People asked me for it and that is why I participated in the 2013 and 2017 elections, I won both, but here the problem is fraud and that is controlled by the tripartism, “he said.

To the question, what will you do to avoid making an excuse that the elections were stolen again? He replied: that the electoral act comes out. We are forming an army of 81,906 people distributed in the 18 departments to take care of the scrutiny ”.

He accepted that he could not present forms for building corporations in 65 municipalities. “We could not do it due to lack of a ticket, but I will have soldiers called ‘rescuers of Honduras’ approximately five in each of the 18,396 tables,” he said.

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The president studied at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, where in 1976 he obtained the title of Industrial Civil Engineer with a specialty in Construction, with a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He has been the sports director of the Televicentro Corporation for 40 years and was a press delegate for the Honduran National Team that attended the 1982 World Cup in Spain. He also has his data in his work as a corporate executive.

In the event that he occupies the first chair of the nation, he said he will retire from television for four years, but promised to return to continue to lead his programs.

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It only takes four years to transform the country, he said.

He explained that among his main proposals is to strengthen the rule of law; second, to generate work to prevent people from leaving the country; and third, restore the country’s highway system through foreign investment.

Nasralla remarked that legal security is essential to attract investment, something that currently does not exist in Honduras.

He opted for an education system that positions technical careers, since in areas such as agriculture, people who are trained in operational aspects are needed. Likewise, he criticized that the country cannot continue graduating “armies” of high school graduates and business experts who, when they graduate from the intermediate level, do not find job opportunities.

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“I am tight-fisted and that is how I will be in my government,” promised the PSH president.

“If we graduate specialists in computers, agricultural or livestock techniques, then it is easier for them to find work more immediately,” he outlined.

The maximum leader of the PSH, proposes “fresh capital” from national and international investors. In addition, he promised to rescue the 75 billion lempiras that, according to his criteria, the corrupt are stolen every year. “With that money that represents a quarter of the National Budget, many schools, hospitals, streets, among other projects, can be built,” he said.

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Nasralla assured that he will have an army of thousands of supporters guarding the tables on election day.

The north, its political stronghold

Asked about his political stronghold, he replied that it is the north of the country. “That’s because most of the people there are workers. In the north, between Cortés and two municipalities, one in Santa Bárbara and the other in Yoro, 70% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product is produced, that is, they practically support Honduras, while in Tegucigalpa there are people who live off the National Budget ”, he asserted.

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He pointed out knowing the country’s problems and having the solutions.

He indicated that in the case of the Sampedrans they will vote for him because they are workers just like him.

“Those of Tegucigalpa, for the most part, what they are looking for is to keep their chambita,” he insisted.

Asked about what he will do to solve the problem of the National Electric Power Company (ENEE), the engineer Salvador Nasralla said that there is a law of the sector that forces to consume cheap energy first, but the opposite happens and to favor thermal the one that is initially dispatched is the most expensive, which is the one produced by private companies.

Likewise, he said that when the Honduras Energy Company (EEH) was brought in, it was maliciously granted a part of the company in favor of individuals in power, who received a millionaire “bribe”, but all that can be demonstrated with documents when he is the nation’s first dignitary.

He defended that the state energy company is still redeemable, as well as the Honduran Telecommunications Company (Hondutel).

“I can rescue these companies because I am surrounded by capable people. For example, at CREE there was Ricardo Espinoza Salvador, an expert who is probably the one who knows the most about energy in Central America. He is part of my team and has given us the ideas of what can be done. I have a specialist energy team, a specialist from El Zamorano for agriculture and livestock, I have specialists for each area who have a specific government plan ”, promised the television presenter.

He criticized those who believe that Honduras has no solution, as well as those who think they take “a lot” of years to change the course of the country.

Violence, education and pandemic

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He will leave television for four years, while he governs, and then return until God allows it, he said.

He regretted that most of the deaths in Honduras are the result of the violence left by drug trafficking from the south to the north of the continent.

“I am sure that by eliminating the transit of drugs through Honduras, as it happened until 2006 when it was passing through the Dominican Republic, the number of deaths will also drop significantly,” he mused.

The founder of the Anti-Corruption Party (PAC) in 2011 and the new Salvador de Honduras Party (PSH) in 2020, pointed out that the educational system has been prostrate for several years and not necessarily due to the impact of the pandemic and the storms of the last year.

“The problem is having idiots running the country. For decades I have told you about the dams in the Sula Valley so that the rivers do not cause damage when there are floods like last year. The bordos that are built are of poor quality, that is to say that these floods did not occur in the country, if we had what we should have and for which millionaire resources have been assigned that have been stolen ”, he questioned.

He recalled that in the 2017 political campaign he proposed the construction of five large hospitals throughout the Republic, so the situation would have been different if he had been caught by the pandemic as president of Honduras.

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With his wife Iroshka he has traveled the interior of Honduras.

The engineer Nasralla continues to offer the construction of five large hospitals to face the post-pandemic era. They would be located in each cardinal point of the territory.

He insisted that impunity and corruption can only be fought through a return to the rule of law through an independent Supreme Court of Justice.

In the educational field, he proposed to bring the Internet to all corners of Honduras. That would be possible – Nasralla said – through Hondutel, but for that, political will is needed.

1631610656 345 I have a team of specialists to solve the problems
He emphasized that Honduras needs to return to the rule of law.

He claimed to have sufficient financial resources to finance his political campaign. “I have enough money, I do not spend large amounts, I walk by land, I travel with minimal expenses, I do not advertise, they are practically administrative expenses. In addition, I have a person out there who throws me 10 thousand pesos, another 20 thousand pesos … they are ridiculous amounts, but they are within the limits authorized by the Clean Policy Law, “he justified.

He criticized that the Clean Policy Unit is in charge of diligently reviewing the own resources that emerging parties invest in campaigns, but not the large political institutes that receive public funds.

He confessed that many of his potential contributors have decided to withdraw because they fear reprisals from the current government of the Republic.

“What I have been doing is reducing expenses. If before I was thinking of doing air travel, I’d better do it by land ”, he showed.

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He mentioned that he has healthy people on his payroll and acknowledged that it will be essential to win Congress.


He explained that in the United States there are two million Hondurans, while in Europe there are 250 thousand. “Migration is a phenomenon that is getting worse, for five thousand dollars they put one person in the United States, for eight thousand they put two, there are many places to go and the US government does not know it,” he described.

Salvador Nasralla revealed that many compatriots abroad have expressed their desire to return to Honduras, but they expect better social and economic conditions.

He emphasized that “everything is to think in terms of using money as you would use it if it were your money. I am going to use the national budget and the loans as if they were my money, that is, I am stingy, I am austere, I know how to use resources properly so that they perform. When no one steals the money, it is enough, I have been saying it since 2010, “he said. (JS)

Excerpts from Salvador Nasralla’s interview with Digital Process.