– Causes a stir – photo of directors – Cruz continues to accommodate his team

Causes a stir photo of directors Cruz

COURTESY,. The information aired yesterday by the defense attorney for former governor César Horacio D. regarding the fact that the State Attorney General’s Office would have reached an out-of-court agreement to return 10 confiscated properties; For some jurists it was interpreted as an act of courtesy from César Augusto Peniche towards the new prosecutor Roberto Fierro.

LAW.- The reading is that it was the way that the new head of the FGE, did not burst in the hands, a process so well-handled and that was about to expire from the recent arguments decreed by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation with regard to the National Law of Extinction of Domain, which would reverse the alienation of the ex-president’s assets.

SOLO.- If he did it out of professionalism or pressure, time will tell, it is most likely that Peniche Espejel acted of his own accord, since it is considered difficult for his then boss, Javier Corral, to authorize it and he would have found out yesterday, anyway. than thousands of Chihuahuas who were surprised by the news.


PHOTO.- Much commented was the photo in which three directors of different academic units of the UACH appear; In it, Luis Rivera Campos, from the Faculty of Law, Dr. Luis Carlos Hinojos, from the Faculty of Medicine and Luis Raúl Sánchez, from the Faculty of Accounting and Administration, were observed, the three ‘candidates’ who would be raising their hands to look for the rectory of the highest house of studies.

TERNA.- There was no shortage of the advance that described the image as the short list, from which the next rector of the University would emerge, even though it could reflect not all who are or all who are but what is a fact is that all three possess the real interest and possibility.


PRIVATE.- One of the corralistas who has already been accommodated in the public administration was Roberto Fuentes, who first served as coordinator of advisers and later, private secretary of former governor Javier Corral.

PARARRAYOS.- Now, he was appointed legal deputy director of the City of Chihuahua. It was said that he would dedicate himself to litigation, especially in electoral matters, however, he managed to smooth things over and for a week he has been dispatching for Mayor Marco Bonilla’s team.


SPOKESMAN.- There are already a couple of letters that are mentioned to occupy the coordination of Social Communication of the State Congress. In recent days, the name of Antonio Rosales, former Communications Coordinator of the municipal government – when Ignacio Dávila arrived – has been considered, as well as deputy director at the Municipal Sports Institute.

TERNA.- The designation has not yet been made official, what was revealed is that they require a knowledgeable journalist, with several hours of flight, because he will have to cover too many issues, so they continue to argue about the shortlist of candidates.


PUBLICATION.- Precisely speaking of the State Congress, an uncomfortable moment passed the newly appointed administrative secretary of the Legislative, Ignacio Rodríguez, when his son published on his social networks, a message attacking the “homophobic” government of Maru Campos – that is how he posted it – for the aggression suffered by two subjects in Paseo Central.

LGBT.- The publication lasted a couple of hours before being eliminated and nobody understood what the new state government had to do with the aggression that the couple unfortunately suffered in said shopping center, the only thing that was clear was the claim against the LGBT community.


SENATOR.- The one who arrived setting an agenda in the upper house was the recently appointed senator of the Republic for Chihuahua, Rafael Espino de la Peña. Last Monday, the Chihuahuan businessman was chosen to integrate seven parliamentary committees, all with interest and repercussion in the state of Chihuahua.

COMMISSIONS.- During the selection and, at the proposal of the Political Coordination Board, the senator joined the commissions: Energy, Anti-Corruption, Transparency and Citizen Participation; Communications and Transportation, Border and Migratory Affairs, as well as Economy and Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development, as well as Federalism and Municipal Development.


INHERITANCE.-As part of the negotiations between the outgoing mayor of Juárez, Armando Cabada and the recently inaugurated municipal president, Cruz Pérez Cuéllar, agreements between the two came to light yesterday. Namely they inherit Daniel Pando Morales, who as of today is Director of Commercial Regulation, formerly Directorate of Commerce. Pando, it was until the last day of the “cabadista” administration, general director of Public Services.

PRIETITO.- The little brother in the rice was not lacking. Yesterday, Tuesday, it was announced that a renowned former director of penalties in Nuevo León and Chihuahua in the Duartista administration was appointed director of Civic Justice, Jorge Salomé Bissuet Galarza.

Human Rights.- On the other hand, an appointment that dresses the administration of Mayor Cruz Pérez Cuéllar a lot is that of the humanist right of many battles, dark by birth, Santiago González Reyes, who until last week served as a visitor to the State Human Rights Commission in Juárez, today director of Human Rights.