Antonio García rugby player in the team ‘El Salvador’, summoned by the Spanish Sub’20 Team

Antonio Garcia rugby player in the team El Salvador summoned


Tribune of Valladolid | @tribunava

Photo Carmelo Melero: Antonio García tries to get away from a rival’s tackle in a match between SilverStorm El Salvador and Sanitas Alcobendas played last season in Pepe

The young center of SilverStorm El Salvador will be in the concentration that the national team will carry out in Valladolid between the next days 5 and 11 September, with an eye on the 2021 European Championship, which will be held next November

Antonio García, SilverStorm El Salvador center, has been summoned by the Spanish U20 team for the concentration that will take place in Valladolid betweene next days 5 and 11 September, where the national team, led by Miguel Velasco and Miguel Ángel Puerta, will prepare the 2021 European Championship in the category, postponed at the time, and whose dispute is scheduled for next November.

“At SilverStorm El Salvador we are very happy for this call for Antonio, which shows that someone who works and improves every day and who has the humility necessary to have a learning mentality can achieve his goals. We believe that he is a great player who he can contribute a lot to the U20 National Team “, manifested the black and white coach, Juan Carlos Pérez.

Garcia, only player belonging to the Federation of Castilla y León In the call, he joined the SilverStorm El Salvador discipline last season, coming from the Sevillian UAS Mairena, and played a total of 11 matches in the Honor Division with the Valladolid team, in which he managed to score 2 trials.

The concentration of the U20 national team in Valladolid will have a total of 32 players, and in it SilverStorm El Salvador will have another presence, since the 2nd coach of the collegiate team, Álvaro Gorostiza, will carry out the work of physical trainer of the Spanish team.


Valladolid, from September 5 to 11, 2021

  • Antonio García (SilverStorm El Salvador)
  • Gonzalo González, José Borraz, Xabier González, Juan Fonseca and Ike Irusta (Complutense Cisneros)
  • Agustín Agnelet and Samuel García (CRC Pozuelo)
  • Víctor Gavín (AD Industrial Engineers)
  • Mikhael Nadirashvili (CR French Lyceum)
  • Joan Terol (CAU Valencia)
  • Segundo Urraza and Imanol Urraza (Barça Rugby)
  • Facundo Romano (CR Sant Cugat)
  • Víctor Rodríguez and Federico D’Acunto (UE Santboiana)
  • Pablo Gómez (Getxo RT)
  • Egoitz García (Uribealdea RKE)