-A misogynist in the Maru-Chile team with cheese from the deputies-Military return to La Boquilla and Loera too

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EVERYTHING seems to indicate that the deputy director of municipal government César Komaba, will take the reins of the Road Police.

The governor’s work team is determined to give her a job, after Maru Campos herself fired him from his position in the public function due to misogynistic comments made by him ensuring that “Thanks to the mask the women had their mouths closed.”

Despite this, Komaba continued to work in the same position, but far below the water, since it never left. The run was only from the heart, and not from reason.

“We can not make comments that violate the dignity of anyone, Dignity cannot be the object of jokes (SIC) ”, Maru said at the time as mayor, and until the announcement of her dismissal the same Capital City Council was official with note.

Although César Komaba committed an act of misogyny, they announce that He is already seen in the corridors of the Road Police to present himself shortly as the new chief.1631519110 326 A misogynist in the Maru Chile team with cheese from the

A misogynist in the Maru Chile team with cheese from theTHE Local deputies will only have a few days pretending to legislate, but showing that the training they were given before entering has not been of much use to them. To show the second session of the Plenary and in which the deputy president, again Mario Vázquez, as if it were the school or neighborhood boards, asked out loud if anyone had any general matter to deal with, when, like the initiatives and opinions that are presented, general issues should also be listed in advance to take them into account. For the third, it was the deputy of Morena Antonieta Pérez who, acting as vice president, first wanted to put general matters to a vote and then He gave the floor to his benchmate Gustavo de la Rosa to speak about another general matter that was not on the agenda. For now not even the new ones know that they are doing a whole chili with cheese with the sessions, nor the old men, that is, those who were re-elected, tell them that they are watering it as they used to do in the last legislature. And it is that yes, it must be said, the new deputies of all colors and parties arrived hand in hand and are still on their honeymoon, as for now everything is consensus and holy peace, but surely the day will come when they show such as they are.1631519110 327 A misogynist in the Maru Chile team with cheese from the

A misogynist in the Maru Chile team with cheese from theIT IS Wednesday formally returns Juan Carlos Loera de la Rosa to be paid as a delegate of the Wellness program for Chihuahua. In a strange way, the military also returned to the La Boquilla dam asking the farmers for a chance because they would only check some points of the reservoir, being the first presence of the soldiers in that area after the confrontation a year ago that left one dead, several wounded and three detained.1631519110 257 A misogynist in the Maru Chile team with cheese from the

Given this, doubts arose and they recalled that the same governor of Chihuahua, Maru Campos Galván, He has already warned him that they will not extract the water from the La Boquilla dam, at least for the next three years.

He goes against it, and he will be fulfilling it hand in hand with Deputy Mario Mata, who is the most knowledgeable on the subject.

It was a year ago that a conflict between the Federal Government and the communities near said dam, because it was intended to extract water for the five-year payment that Mexico must make to the United States, as established in the 1944 International Treaty with the United States.

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