The absence of “I May Destroy You” at the Golden Globes denounced by a screenwriter of “Emily in Paris”

SERIES – The Golden Globes of Discord. Since this Wednesday February 3, date on which appointments for the precious rewards have been revealed, onlookers are angry. Despite its clichés on Paris and the criticisms towards it, “Emily in Paris”, which will be entitled to a second season, got her ticket in the category “Best Comedy or Musical Series” and “Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical Series” for her performer Lily Collins.

Conversely, Michaela Coel’s series “I May Destroy You” left empty-handed. Hailed by the public for its fair representation of sexual assault and its cast made up mostly of black actresses and actors, the HBO program has been voted “best TV show of 2020” by several headlines, such as Guardian and the Time.

Yet nothing. Not a single nomination, Internet users protest, as you can see in the few tweets that we have selected.

“I try not to worry about the prices because time and time again black art is overlooked and underestimated, but every year it stings again. Michaela Coel did what she had to do with ‘I May Destroy You’ and we will never forget the magic she created. ”

“I am absolutely baffled and furious that ‘I May Destroy You’ and Michaela Coel did not receive any Golden Globe nominations this year. What is this silly deletion? ”

“I really don’t understand how you can’t come up with ‘I May Destroy You’ and Michaela Coel for everything she was entitled to.”

“Five white actresses and no Michaela Coel in the category of“ Best actress in a mini series ”? This industry is not surprising either. ”

They are not the only ones. In the columns of Guardian, this Wednesday February 3, a screenwriter of the series “Emily in Paris” also shares this astonishment. ”’I May Destroy You’ was not only my favorite series of 2020, it is my favorite series of all time, says Deborah Copaken. She takes the complex subject of rape – I’m a sexual assault survivor myself – and infuses it with heart, humor, pathos, and a story so well-constructed I had to watch it twice. ”

The “rage at Coel’s rebuff”

The story of the series is that of Arabella, a successful young London author played by Michael Coel, who, after being sexually assaulted in a nightclub, will see her life change irreversibly. She feels compelled to question everything: her job, her friends, her family. From there begins an introspection.

Deborah Copaken continues: “Now am I excited that ‘Emily in Paris’ has been nominated? Yes. Sure. I have never been so close to seeing a Golden Globe in real life (…). But that excitement is now unfortunately tempered by my rage at Coel’s rebuff. ”

According to the writer, not naming “I May Destroy You” in just one category says a lot about the treatment in Hollywood of black artists, writers, writers, directors and actors. “We need art that reflects all of our colors, not just some,” she breathes.

The screenwriter concludes: “How can you watch ‘I May Destroy You’ without saying it’s a brilliant piece of art or that Michaela Coel is a genius? It is beyond my ability to understand how these decisions are made. ”

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The absence of “I May Destroy You” at the Golden Globes denounced by a screenwriter of “Emily in Paris”

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