The 2021 Golden Globes give pride of place to committed films

This Sunday night, all of Hollywood comes together … at a distance, please. But whatever: with or without a red carpet, 2021 seems to be a very good vintage.

This year, no Ricky Gervais to make Hollywood laugh – yellow. Due to the pandemic, the ceremony will be completely virtualized. And, for half, decentralized, since Tina Fey will be live from New York, with only a few guests (we are talking about Michaël Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones), while Amy poehler will be in Los Angeles. The lucky winners will therefore thank as usual father and mother (and producers, or even game partners), but from their living room, and via webcam.

Women in force

Less glam, then, but probably more content. The first strong symbol is the number of female directors nominated in the “best director” category: 3 out of 5. The big favorite: Chloe Zhao, already crowned in Venice in September for “Nomadland”. A film very in tune with the times, and with high added symbolic value, since it tells us about the daily life of a woman (Frances McDormand) who lives alone in her van, and who meets on her route of many post-hippie nomads. To embody this community (which would number several million people in the United States), the director favored real travelers, non-professional actors.

NOMADLAND Trailer (2021) Frances McDormand, Drama

In “Promising Young Woman” (with Carey Mulligan in the title role, also nominated), a young woman goes from bar to bar and pretends to be drunk to bring out the ambient misogyny (and find revenge). The director, Emerald fennel, is also an actress, and you know her face if you are fans of “The Crown”: it is she who plays Camilla Parker-Jones.

Third nominated woman: Regina king. You know her too, since she was Ray Charles’ companion in “Ray”. Present in the cast of “If Beale Street Could Talk” (she plays the mother), she signs here her first feature film, after many episodes of TV series. “One Night in Miami” (available on Amazon) invites us to imagine the plausible meeting between Mohammed Ali, Malcolm X, singer Sam Cooke and football star Jim Brown in the early 1960s. How to organize the fight against segregation? You have a night …

The other favorites

Incredible story of the French playwright Florian Zeller. After having met success in the theater in 2012 with his play “The Father”, he undertakes a film adaptation. Fantasizing about Anthony Hopkins, he sends the script to his agent, and ends up having breakfast with the actor. Banco! His daughter is played by the Oscar winner Olivia colman (also nominated for Elisabeth in “The Crown”, seasons 3 and 4), sorry.

Other French in the race: Tahar Rahim, opposite Jodie Foster (also nominated in supporting role) in “The Mauritanian”, the true story of a Guantanamo detainee who brings America to trial.

The Mauritanian – Designated Guilty Trailer VF

Series level, we find all the expected: Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman for The Undoing, the excellent series Unorthodox, Laura Linney and Jason Bateman in “Ozark”, and of course The lady’s game (“The Queen’s Gambit”), which should take everything in its path.

Another series to make the buzz, but not for the right reasons: Emily in Paris. Some members of the Hollywood Association of the Foreign Press (which manages the Golden Globes) would have been invited on the set in Paris, with great fanfare. From there to saying that their hand was forced at the time of the vote? The association remains all-powerful, as proved by recent attacks by a young Norwegian journalist, furious that his candidacy was declined, and who intends to make things happen. Nominating female directors is good, but in Hollywood as elsewhere, we remain seated on our privileges.

Ma Rainey’s Blues | Official trailer VF | Netflix France

L’Echo’s three favorites

“Le blues de Ma Rainey” (“Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”)

(two nominations: Best Actress Viola Davis and Best Actor Chadwick Boseman)

This netflix movie will perhaps reiterate the granting of a statuette posthumously, as it happened in 2009 for Heath Ledger (“The Dark Knight”). In this adaptation of a play, Chadwick Boseman (“Black Panther”) plays a young jazz trumpeter, who will record with the star of the time (the end of the 20s), the very imposing My Rainey. Against a background of discrimination, the throes of artistic creation are raging … Chiseled dialogues, in favor of a very current subject.

“The Chicago 7” (“The Trial of the Chicago 7”)

(Best Picture, Best Director Aaron Sorkin, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor Sacha Baron Cohen, Best Song)

After going out discreetly on Netflix in the fall, the film makes its way. At the controls, the scriptwriter of “Social Network” and “Steve Jobs”. At his service, a nice skewer: Eddie Redmayne, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jeremy Strong, Michael Keaton … The lawsuit against the organizers of this anti-war demonstration in Viet Nam will shed light, among other things, on police violence …

“Borat 2” (“Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”)

(best comedy, best actor in a comedy, best actress Maria Bakalova – available on Amazon)

Decidedly, he is everywhere, Sacha Baron Cohen. 14 years later, the most stupid journalist on the planet returns. It is no longer a question of providing us with “cultural lessons about America for the benefit of the glorious nation of Kazakhstan”. In this “new filmed mission”, it is Trump and his supposed electorate who are in the crosshairs. On the menu, collective health psychosis, and ordinary racism, under the guise ofabsolutely unbridled humor.

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The 2021 Golden Globes give pride of place to committed films

Hank Gilbert