Return on the Golden Globes ceremony: the rescue after the controversy?

Celebrating each year the best cinema and TV series in the United States, the Golden Globes ceremony has found itself in turmoil in recent weeks. She finally tried to make up for it with winners from diverse backgrounds.

On the night of February 28 to March 1, the traditional ceremony of Golden globes. On this occasion, Cathy Immelen returned to the scent of scandal that rocked the organization which awarded the statuettes a few weeks earlier.

As the cinema columnist points out, the Golden Globes are awarded by the HFPA, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, composed of foreign journalists, based in Hollywood and covering cinema news. An organization that is ultimately unglamorous …

At the heart of an investigation by the LA Times

The survey conducted by the famous daily thus speaks ofan organization with very opaque, even mafia, practices, at the financial level in which many journalists find themselves open to bribes and other lobbying, sprayed with privileges by Hollywood studios.

At the moment, there are only 87 members. Imagine… 87 people to deliver the Golden Globes is not much. Among these 87 voters, there is no colored person, more than half of the members are over 60 years old and it is also estimated that more than half of these voters find it difficult to collect the six necessary articles per year required by the association“, specifies Cathy.

After the numerous denunciations of the investigation, questions were then asked about certain appointments.

A concrete example the series Emily In Paris. Very entertaining, light, a girly candy, but not very high quality and yet we see that she has collected several nominations this year“, underlines the cinema critic.

We will learn later that many members of the HFPA were invited to Paris to attend the filming with luxury hotel nights and lots of gifts… or like an impression that the voters were “bought”. “The series isn’t worth nominations, and luckily it didn’t win any awards.“, she adds.

Rescue attempt

To try to get rid of these accusations, the Golden Globes attempted to make up for it with winners from diverse backgrounds.

Thus, the statuette of the film of the year was awarded to Nomadland, a feature film already awarded at the Venice festival by a golden lion. Taken by Frances Mc Dormand, the film will be released in theaters as soon as they reopen, assures the columnist.

The film is directed by a woman of Chinese descent Chloe Zhao, this is only the 2nd time that a woman has won the Golden Globe for Best Director. The film is also the big favorite for the Oscars. This is a first open-mindedness on the part of voters“she continues.

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As for the actors, the same story goes, since two African-American actors were awarded: best supporting role for Daniel Kaluuya in the “dramatic film” category, as well as a posthumous prize for Chadwick boseman, the hero of Black panther, who passed away a few months ago. Among women, we also note the statuette of the best actress for the singer. Anda Day, who plays the legendary Billie Holiday.

The quality was nevertheless awarded since the two excellent series The Crown and The lady’s game have both been rewarded. The controversy will have somehow served a purpose. We hope in any case that the Golden Globes will question themselves, like the Césars who were also criticized for a rather dusty organization chart.“, concludes Cathy.

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Return on the Golden Globes ceremony: the rescue after the controversy?