Jane Fonda delivers the most vibrant Golden Globes speech

On video. – Awarded the Cecil B. DeMille Prize for her career, the 83-year-old actress has made a passionate plea for more equality and diversity in cinema. And quoted in passing Buddha, Mahomet, Jesus and Lao-Tseu.

Inequalities, violence against women, environment, racism … for more than fifty years, Jane fonda is all the fights. Awarded at the 78th edition of Golden globes with the Cecil B. DeMille Award, the 83-year-old actress and activist gave a rousing speech denouncing the lack of diversity in cinema. Resplendent in a cream-colored tuxedo, the star did not fail to address the issue within the Golden Globes, targeted by the wave of criticism #GlobesSoWhite.

“We are humans first and foremost”

“You see, stories can change our hearts and minds. They can help us see ourselves in a new light. To have empathy. To recognize that, despite all our differences, we are humans above all, ”begins Jane Fonda in her thank you note. Addressing his “community of storytellers”, the eternal Barbarella evokes the poetic power of the stories of Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus and Lao-Tseu. The actress explains that both art and cinema have the capacity to break “our defenses” and to “make us hear what we are afraid to hear”.

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“What it means to be black”

Citing the films and series that marked the year 2020, the actress talks about Nomadland which allowed him to feel “love for the itinerant workers”. “Minari It opened my eyes to the experience of immigrants facing the realities of living in a new country. And Judas and the Black Messiah, Small Acts, US vs Billie Holiday, My Rainey, One Night in Miami and others have deepened my empathy for what it means to be black. Ramy helped me feel what it means to be an American Muslim. I May Destroy You taught me to consider sexual violence in a whole new way. ”

“A story we are afraid to hear”

So many stories that “can really, really change us,” insists Jane Fonda. “But there is a story that we are afraid to see and hear that speaks for ourselves in this business. The story of those voices we respect and raise – and those we ignore. The story of who has a seat at the table and who is kept out of decision-making places. ” Denouncing the inequality and the lack of diversity in the cinema, the actress then goes on with a vibrant plea for everyone to have “a chance to be heard and watched”.

The heroine of Grace and Frankie concludes his speech by inviting the cinema industry to get in tune with reality and with “the diversity that emerges thanks to all those who fought in the past and to those who take over today”. Before thanking for the prize which rewards her career, Jane Fonda recalls that “after all, art has always not only been in tune with history, but it has also paved the way. So let’s be leaders, okay? ”.

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Jane Fonda delivers the most vibrant Golden Globes speech