Golden Globes 2021: prediction of the winner for best foreign film

The ceremony of Golden globes It is getting closer and closer and we already have all the necessary information for what is to come: all the nominations and from when the event can be seen. One of the categories that attracts the most attention is that of Best Foreign Film, since last year saw the start of the event of ‘Parasite’ in the Oscar Award. Meet the ternadas and watch the spoiler prediction.

+ Another round (Denmark):

Danish film directed by Thomas Vinterberg and featuring Mads Mikkelsen. It tells the story of four high school teachers who embark on a sociological experiment in which each of them must maintain a level of alcohol in their body during their daily life, trying to show that they can improve all of their skills. daily aspects..

+ La Llorona (France / Guatemala):

Written and directed by Jayro bustamante. This co-production between France and Guatemala follows the story of Alma and her children, killed in armed conflict. Three decades later, a criminal case was opened against a retired general, but he was acquitted at trial. From there, the spirit of “La Llorona” travels the world like a soul lost among the living and at night the ex-soldier hears him cry..

+ Life to come (Italy):

Produced by the streaming service Netflix and under the direction of Edoardo Ponti, was the return of Sophia loren to act after eleven years. Follow a Holocaust survivor who lives on the Italian coast and supports herself by caring for the children of immigrants. One day Momo enters his life, a 12-year-old Senegalese orphan, with whom he begins a complex relationship, but turns into a great friendship..

+ Two of us (United States / France):

This movie has received good reviews and is a favorite. Directed by Filippo Menethetty and written by Malysone Bovorasmy, Filippo Meneghetti and Florence Vignon. It tells the story of Nina and Madelein, two retired women who are in love and keep the secret. In public, they are two more neighbors in the neighborhood, but they are much more than that. One day, their relationship takes a turn due to an unexpected event..

+ Golden Globe winning prediction for best foreign film: Minari (USA)

Screenplay and production of Lee isaac chung. Follow David, a 7-year-old Korean-American boy who sees his life changing overnight in the mid-1980s, when his father decides to move with his whole family to rural Arkansas to open a farm in the goal of reaching the American. dream. (Filmaffinity)

For Spoiler “Minari” is the main candidate, since It is currently the second most awarded film overall, with 42 in total., behind “Nomadland” which has 108 and “Soul” by Pixar, which also has 42. There has been a controversy over his nomination because it is an American production and they considered it should be in the best picture, but the Hollywood Foreign Press didn’t get it.

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Golden Globes 2021: prediction of the winner for best foreign film