FACT OF THE DAY Golden Globes, César and Oscars revive memories of the shooting of the film “Deux” – Objectif Gard

FACT OF THE DAY Golden Globes Cesar and Oscars revive
Italian director Filippo Meneghetti and his team on the set of the film “Deux” in Sommières on October 6, 2018. (Photo: Michèle Lelou)

In Sommières still float memories of the filming of the film “Deux” directed by Filippo Meneghetti, nominated for the Golden Globes, the César and pre-selected for the Oscars. Reporting.

“Deux” tells a love story between two retirees that a tragic event will separate. This filming – initially and exclusively planned in Montpellier – would never have taken place on the edge of Vidourle if one of the producers had not landed by chance in Sommières, on a market day. If he had not fallen in love with this charming town plunged into Vaunage. The “ifs” which put the border city of Gard and Hérault and some of its inhabitants in a picture box to be projected on the big screen.

It was at the very beginning of October 2018. The contrast is striking, at that time, the village was in full swing. Today, without being dormant, it suffers as elsewhere from health measures. The terraces of the cafes and the numerous restaurants along the coastal river are empty, the curtains have been drawn down for a long time.

Emblematic figure of Sommières, Nénette exceptionally accepted to welcome us to her establishment. Through the window, we see the shopkeeper struggling to open the door. “We have lost the habit“, she laughs at the end of a battle from which she finally emerged victorious. The sixty-year-old has spent a little more than half of her life behind the counter of the Café du Commerce. She has seen it hard. nice people to pass by, in particular Yves Montant and Daniel Auteuil.

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For 37 years, Nénette welcomed her customers behind the counter of the Café du commerce in Sommières. (Photo: Stéphanie Marin / Objectif Gard)

Meetings that date back to 1985. For the filming of the adaptation of the novel Water from the hills signed by the Provencal academician Marcel Pagnol, Claude Berri had decided to “requisition” the city of Gard for some good quality plans. Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources were to become successful films and the slate city the theater of a historic moment.

Yves Montand signed a note to me:To the beautiful Incarnation (his real first name, Editor’s note) “. Daniel Auteuil too :To the beautiful Moorish“. Nénette laughs heartily as she recalls this memory. This same laugh resounds again when she tells about her participation in the film” Deux “signed by the Italian director Filippo Meneghetti. Some scenes were shot in her café and on her terrace. “It’s crazy how many takes you have to do for a scene. It was long but it was funny“, she blurted, unable to keep her seriousness all the more so when she added that the scenes where she appeared were cut during the editing.

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Julia Blanc, municipal employee in the technical service in Sommières and an extra in the film “Deux”. (Photo: Stéphanie Marin / Objectif Gard)

Julia Blanc, 39, had two scenes to play as a passer-by, first at Nénette’s then on the market. “I thought I saw my shoulder thanks to the wicker tote that I was carrying. “Once again, laughter is part of our interview with the municipal employee in the technical service of Sommières.

The local child discovered, not without surprise, the back of the set of a shoot. “I was surprised after the screening of the film to see how much the editing could transform the story, in any case the one we were able to understand during the shooting. For example, there was a character that seemed central to me who does not appear in the final result.“. An enigma for Julia who, laughing, invites the director to return to Sommières to answer it.

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Denis Galvier, teacher and musician in Sommières, extra-dancer in Filippo Meneghetti’s film. (Photo: Stéphanie Marin / Objectif Gard)

It was an enriching experience, she continues. There was a lot of benevolence from the film crew but also from the professional extras. I have stayed in touch with some. There are even some that I recognized in the series “Tomorrow belongs to us” and “A so big sun. It’s funny.“.

Denis Galvier, teacher and musician also keeps very fond memories of this shoot which highlights Sommières, certainly at a time when cinemas are plunged into darkness. “Deux” was only entitled to a few short weeks of airing. It is not a long quiet river, but one day life will have to resume its normal course. There is no doubt that on that day, the dark rooms will be full and the films showing, whose broadcasting has been interrupted, will perhaps be entitled to a catch-up session.

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Fabrice, the manager of the restaurant L’Esplanade in Sommières. (Photo: Stéphanie Marin / ObjectifGard)

The 59-year-old Sommiérois danced in front of the Italian director’s lens during a scene nicknamed “la guinguette” and shot on the town’s esplanade where a restaurant bears his name. Its manager, Fabrice welcomed, “as a courtesy“, he specifies, the whole team of the film for the realization of this sequence.

I had to close one evening, but it was not at all disturbing. I even made them eat one evening, because they were very late“, he remembers. Léa Drucker, Martine Chevallier (of the Comédie Française) and Barbara Sukowa were therefore seated at his table. Nothing to impress the restaurateur and no question for him to play prying:”Everyone ate well, that’s all I wanted to know“, says Fabrice.

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On the set of “Deux”, during the guinguette scene in front of the restaurant L’Esplanade in Sommières. (Photo: Michèle Lelou.)

At the end of the shooting, the director, Martine Chevallier and the film’s technicians had shared a glass of friendship with the municipal team in place at that time. Michèle Lelou, agent in the City’s communication department remembers this convivial moment like those days of filming during which she had the chance to follow the film crew and capture it, camera in hand , every moment.

Like many Sommièrois and more generally Gardois, she will be behind her small screen on March 12 for the 46th Cesar ceremony. Filippo Meneghetti’s feature film is nominated in the categories of “Best First Film”, “Best Original Screenplay” and “Best Actress” for Barbara Sukowa and Martine Chevallier. Perhaps an Oscar nomination will follow, “Deux” is one of fifteen shortlisted films in the “Best Foreign Film” category. Only five will appear in the official list presented on April 25 at the 93rd Academy Awards for cinema. Will this feature film, which opens with a shot of the Tiberius Bridge, be part of it? Answer on March 15th. We already know that the award for best foreign language film at the Golden Globes has escaped “Deux” in favor of “Minari”.

Stephanie Marin

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FACT OF THE DAY Golden Globes, César and Oscars revive memories of the shooting of the film “Deux” – Objectif Gard

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