10 fun facts about Emma Corrin, awarded at the Golden Globes for “The Crown”

Emma Corrin in “The Crown”

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She got the role of Diana during an audition for the role of Camilla

The cast ofEmma Corrin was done in a rather unusual way. Invited to respond to actresses who auditioned for the role of Camilla, she stands out when she is only present to highlight the candidates. But even though eyes weren’t meant to be on her, Emma Corrin had prepared for the experience as if for a real casting. Thanks to her mother, a speech therapist specializing in the art of speech, she had worked on her way of speaking to get as close as possible to the ways of Diana spencer.

Emma Corrin in “The Crown”


She was inspired by cats to interpret Diana Spencer

After the shock of the announcement comes the pressure to live up to a character like Lady Di. Emma Corrin has prepared herself inside and out to become this legendary woman, loved by all. Helped by several coaches, the actress took movement lessons and immersed herself in the psychology of the princess. One of his exercises to get into the skin of Diana spencer was to assign him an animal. “At the time I had just had a puppy (which she named Spencer by the way) and cats would come to my apartment patio to watch her. Felines have this kind of presence that cannot be ignored. They would sit and nod their heads, looking at him calmly. And that’s when I realized: oh my God, it’s Diana! ” she explains at the microphone of Glamor UK. Following this revelation, Emma Corrin watched a lot of cat videos in order to reproduce their mysterious charisma and the way they move.

She prefers beauty to naturalness

In the November 2020 edition of Glamor UK, Emma Corrin clearly displays un-shaved armpits. For her, it is not a demand but a way of life: “I have phases where I shave and others where I don’t care about keeping my hair.” This desire to remain natural does not date from yesterday. Tomboy as a child, she entered a girl’s school at the age of 13 and never had to dress up for the boys. “I have always been more comfortable without makeup and I realize that this awakening to the world of beauty, I only have it now because I do photoshoots.” The actress would also like this to be considered normal: “We should no longer say to ourselves: ‘oh, she wears a Chanel dress but she has hair under her arms, it’s scandalous!’

She has the same stylist as Harry Styles

While many rumors of a relationship between the two British stars have been talked about, their bond started in a completely professional way. Early 2020, Emma Corrin uses Harry lambert, appointed stylist ofHarry Styles, so that he can make her a wardrobe. The artist describes his inspirations for the actress as “Glamorous, with a touch of rebellion”. During an interview in the Tonight Show of Jimmy fallon, the actress mentioned her friendship with the singer: “Once he babysat my dog. I had dinner, I know where he lives, and he watched Spencer for me. ”

She was a school teacher

At only 25 years old, the life of this young actress is already busy. Before his university years, Emma Corrin took a year off to travel to his mother’s homeland: South Africa. In Knysna, the actress volunteered to teach children at an elementary school. That same year, Emma Corrin undertook Shakespearean theater lessons at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

She took a year to launch her career

After spending her teenage years in a private girls’ facility, Emma Corrin walks towards the theater. From 2015 to 2018, Emma Corrin was a student at the University of Cambridge. For three years, the future interpreter of Diana spencer studied English, teaching, drama and performed in several plays at his university. She was cast only a year later to perform Lady Di, the most anticipated character of the most popular series of the moment. Before his role in The Crown inasmuch as Diana, Emma Corrin appeared in an episode of Granchester. She also played Esme Winikus in the series Pennyworth chain Epix.

She has some things in common with Princess Diana

Its resemblance to Lady Di does not stop at the physical. Emma Corrin attended a girls’ boarding school, just like the princess. In her youth, her own mother was arrested on the streets because of her similarities to Diana spencer, a few days after the latter’s disappearance. Another disturbing fact: while filming a paparazzade scene for The Crown, it was the first time thatEmma Corrin was confronted by real photographers who surrounded the set of the series. Benjamin Caron, the director of the series, had given her a remark that followed her throughout the filming: “You and Diana are going through a very similar situation. You are suddenly going to be thrown to the public, in a role that everyone is waiting for. You will be in the newspaper and you will be photographed. Whatever you feel about it, whether it is fear, excitement or nervousness, be aware of it, because that is exactly how she would have felt ” And just like Lady Di, Emma Corrin is a philanthropist: she supports the movement Black Lives Matter, speaks often of feminism, awareness of the AIDS virus and the importance of educating young people on issues of white privilege and systemic racism.

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10 fun facts about Emma Corrin, awarded at the Golden Globes for “The Crown”

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