Tourist rentals in Saint-Malo: very strict rules so as not to become “Breton Venice”

REGULATIONS – In order to contain the proliferation of short-term tourist rentals, the town hall of Saint-Malo introduced new rules this summer. Each owner can now only rent one accommodation.

Nathalie rents three apartments in Saint-Malo. She has made it her job and manages all reservations from a specialized site. But this summer, the town hall changed the rules of the game: the person concerned can now only rent one of her seasonal accommodation. “For me, it’s reconversion or renting out for the year knowing that I will end up with goods that will have to be maintained. The land charges on Saint-Malo are very important, it will certainly not be the calculation that I would choose “, she laments in the report at the top of this article.

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Many find it difficult to accept this new regulation, which aims to reduce the number of short-term tourist accommodation. Since July, the city has imposed quotas in certain neighborhoods and restricted each owner to a single rental. “We could end up with certain districts, in particular Intra-muros, the old town in which we are which is emptied of its inhabitants and that, we were very clearly opposed to it. We said that Saint-Malo should not become the Breton Venice “, Jean-Virgile Crance, first deputy (LR) to the mayor.

“A rise in prices accentuated by short-term rentals”

The phenomenon has accelerated in recent years. More than a quarter of the units have already been rented. The inhabitants deplore the daily nuisances. A collective has even been created to denounce the consequences of these tourist furnished rentals on the real estate market. “There is a rise in prices accentuated by these short-term rentals. What makes it very difficult for people who, 20 years ago, could have come to live in Saint-Malo, there stay. They are either forced to have smaller apartments or houses or to retire to the land. “, explains Franck Rolland, co-founder of “Saint-Malo, I live there, I stay there”.

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Some rental companies attacked the city’s decision. Specialized platforms are already seeing a drop in their ads. “If the choice is to no longer favor tourism, that’s another thing. We will have shutters closed 11 months out of 12? Is that what will energize the city center?”, worries Dominique Debuire, president of the National Union for the Promotion of Vacation Rental (UNPLV).

Since this summer, failing to be rented out, apartments located in the heart of the city have gradually been put up for sale.

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Tourist rentals in Saint-Malo: very strict rules so as not to become “Breton Venice”