Timberwolves go to cash for illegal training session: we saw smarter than posting a picture on the networks

The Timberwolves are decidedly the scapegoats of the League, especially when it comes to paying a few fines. Lately, the Wolves were fined $ 25,000 for “resting” D-Lo. This time, the sum is multiplied by 10 for an illegal training session organized in the home of minority shareholder and Baseball legend, Alex Rodriguez.

The Wolves got into trouble again. At the dawn of this season, Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez bought the Minnesota Timberwolves for $ 1.5 billion. The guy with the Hispanic blaze made almost $ 530 million on his own from his Texas contracts Rangers and New York Yankees, en more than having been married for several years to Jennifer Lopez. Why are we talking about this lady? The former Baseball star is a high roller, he knows how to take advantage of the advantages that life offers him, but having gathered the team in his home in Miami early September just cost the Timberwolves institution dearly. Yes A-Rod is not the only one to have put his franchise in an awkward position, because this practice is quite common in the NBA and could have gone incognito, it is Marc Lore (former Walmart executive) who was not very discreet during theevent. He posted photos of him pretending to take pictures on his own Twitter account with Patrick Beverley wearing his tenuous ofcoaching. Logically the page official from Wolves followed, then the players, then the sentence.

Yesterday, according to the Woj, the NBA therefore imposed a fine of $ 250,000 on Timberwolves for hosting preseason training outside of the Minnesota area. Under NBA rules, teams cannot schedule or pay for off-season training sessions outside of their facilities. Someone obviously forgot to brief Alex Rodriguez on the law of omerta regarding certain aspects of preparing for an NBA season. “We spend tons of hours interviewing people – both fans, local media, coaches, players – on how we can manage the team with total transparency, fairness and honesty ”, he nevertheless confided. It will therefore pay the price for transparency. Many would be right to say that players from most franchises come together for sessions held outside the franchise state, such as the Lakers made it to Las Vegas this year. But the difference is that James James organized the training outside of the team structure or a structure owned by Jeanie Buss what’s more, Frank Vogel and training personnel were not present. A costly first lesson for new owners.

The rally, which included practice sessions and a team dinner, was left to be a good secret between teammates. The only downside is that we forgot to mention the term “Secret”.

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Timberwolves go to cash for illegal training session: we saw smarter than posting a picture on the networks