The 3 pivots that have allowed travel companies to take off despite the Covid

Ease of adaptation in a particular and unprecedented situation

The processing and delivery of visas, our core business, has inevitably experienced a downtime for almost a year and a half. However, our team was able to bounce back and offer additional services to our customers. A service to simplify the procedure for passport renewal of travelers was launched, also listing the town halls closest to their position, as well as their attendance in real time. The purpose of this service is to allow our customers to pre-apply for their passport online and to easily collect it at the town hall.

Our website VISAMUNDI has also been updated with the creation of a tab dedicated to COVID-19 and restrictions in effect. In addition, new blog posts have been written by our destination experts and familiar with health measures in each country.

Finally, we had the pleasure of providing our professional customers with our API. This provides free access to all information relating to the preparation and delivery of visas, embassies, travel restrictions, vaccines and vaccination centers.

Listening skills and business expertise

Faced with the upsurge in information since the start of the health crisis, relying on such and such a source could be a challenge for travelers. Who to believe, to listen, who has the right up-to-date information, how to go on a trip with peace of mind? It is therefore natural that VISAMUNDI wanted to become one of the referents of this field of activity, which are the administrative formalities in the context of trips abroad. Our in-depth knowledge of the official destinations websites and the evolution of health restrictions means that our customers give us their confidence in the choice and the realization of the most adapted visa according to the type of stay envisaged. Our advisers are also available by different means of communication (chat, email, etc.) to answer questions and to reassure travelers as to the measures in force.

A sustainable and complementary service

As part of our ecological commitment, our e-visa system and our support allow you to save up to 252 tonnes * of CO² per year (represents approximately 60,000 journeys saved) since travelers no longer have to go to the embassy. Regarding the edition and sending of the visa for the Cameroon destination, our partner couriers go to the Paris embassy for travelers, their trips are therefore carbon neutral.

The VISAMUNDI service also comes in complementarity that of tourism professionals (travel agencies, tour operators, insurance, etc.). Indeed, as part of a request for a stay in one of our destinations, a tour operator can delegate the administrative formalities of its travelers to our referring agency, with the aim of saving time and energy.

* compared to a 200km car trip, based on 30,000 issued visas per year

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The 3 pivots that have allowed travel companies to take off despite the Covid