Philadelphia Sixers salaries for the 2021-22 season: a PV on Daryl Morey’s car, and yet the accounts are well managed

Giving yourself the means to keep one of the best interiors of your generation – if not the most dominant – necessarily requires small sacrifices. Hop, the taxes show up at the door of Philly which nibbles at the luxury tax. Small problem is that it is not likely to calm down over the next few seasons. We sit down, we leak something and we discuss count.

A short practical guide to Salary Cap and the Exceptions


Financial situation in relation to the course

  • The Luxury Tax threshold is set at $ 136,606,000 this year.
  • The NBA’s Salary Cap is set at $ 112,414,000 this year.
  • With $ 142,935,931 contractually committed for this 2021-22 season, the Sixers are not in the best position to lecture on financial management in student life. Not that the money is badly spent, just that the big heads, and well it costs.

A $ 100 million a year threesome, are you sure you don’t want to let Benny go after all? It’s always difficult to manage the luxury tax when aiming for the title, and the three executives have already proven in a previous contract that they were worth the pépettes granted. Little Daryl therefore had no better choice than to accept the passage of the creditors who will withdraw 6 big million dollars to the franchise of Pennsylvania. For some the savings could have / should have come from not extending Danny Green, but 3 & D has proven that his experience is a significant asset for any ring contender.

Players with guaranteed contracts for the following season: 6

  • Joel embiid
  • Tobias Harris
  • Ben simmons
  • Seth Curry
  • Furkan korkmaz
  • Georges niang
  • Jaden springer

The Sixers’ wealthy problem is very likely to be one again next season, and the consequences could be increasingly dire for the franchise’s bank account. The guaranteed contracts are all bottom-up and will reduce the possibility for Philly to surround her stars, unless Ben Simmons takes her cliques and slaps. However, the offseason was cleverly managed by Daryl Morey who gathered talent at a gold price. We look at it.

Three players in interesting situations this season

  • Andre drummond : It may well stay on seasons as ubiquitous as infuriating, the ninth choice of the Draft 2012 to the double All-Star call represents this season, a potential asset for his team. It was necessary to replace Dwight Howard and come to top Dede for less than 2 million the season was the good idea of ​​the summer, in total contradiction of the critical tendency which then shook the career of the interior. Buying a rotten vegetable thinking it might get fresh again, the IRL move couldn’t be more stupid, but its metaphorical aspect works. On the other hand, if it does not make a profit this season in the eyes of the public observatory, then it will become rather serious.
  • Ben simmons : imagine a tad that the Australian leaves in the year or next summer. The reaction of front office of Philly would then be immediate on the transfer market since it would be 33 million dollars which could be reinvested elsewhere (to see the counterpart of the trade, which could instantly fill these 33 million). Yes, Ben Simmons is the key to a possible reorganization which the Sixers would surely take advantage of to chase away the ghosts of disillusion by bringing in a completely different type of leader on post 1. His contractual situation lets us imagine, hope and forecast a lot of things. for months, a case to follow closely.
  • Seth Curry : we could have spoken of the extra-profitability Shake Miltonienne, but the case of Seth Curry is far too interesting not to be dissected. Paid a little over 8 million the year, he is linked to the franchise until the summer of 2023 when headaches will arrive as a pissing cow for the board of Philly. How much let go for a boy like him? He will ask for much more than at present, which could not be more logical given his progress. However, Stéphane’s brother already has 31 brooms and is therefore in his probable last situation of profitability, because he is easily predicted of a toxic contract that he will drag out over his old years. A delicate matter to manage properly, that is to say not to give in under the pressure of the player and this despite his achievements during the next two years.

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Philadelphia Sixers salaries for the 2021-22 season: a PV on Daryl Morey’s car, and yet the accounts are well managed

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