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The only connectivity provider to have achieved such a level of performance with the three giants of the accommodation industry (Airbnb, and Expedia Group), the French company BookingSync is proud to announce today this success.

When in 2009 BookingSync created for professionals the very first channel manager and PMS (Property Management System) dedicated to the vacation rental industry, its objective is to provide accommodation agencies and managers with a tool allowing them to focus their activity on the traveler and owner experience rather than on the time-consuming management of reservations.

Tailor-made and automated, the BookingSync software thus meets the needs of its customers through its multiple functionalities: calendar management, centralization of emails, payment gateways, configuration of price rules, synchronization with 100% adaptable distribution portals, etc. . Customers can then extend the basic possibilities of BookingSync thanks to its many partners (dynamic pricing software, connected locks, deposit management, etc.).

Thanks to its intuitive and ultra-comprehensive tool, BookingSync has gradually convinced the largest OTAs (Online Tourism Agency or online booking platforms) to integrate its software solution into their system. The culmination of more than ten years of uninterrupted growth and successful collaborations with its sales channels, the company now confirms its status as the # 1 partner of Airbnb, and the Expedia group, which recognize BookingSync as the best. high quality connectivity provider.

More specifically, BookingSync is currently one of the 11 certified partners “ Elite “By Expedia, of the 14 certified partners” Preferred Partner “ with mention “ Excellent ” by Airbnb and 15 certified partners “ Premier Partner »By In addition, the company also received the award of “ Best Overall Performing Provider »By At the same time, Sébastien Grosjean, founder and CEO of BookingSync, acts as a privileged advisor on connectivity issues for Airbnb, Homeaway and Expedia, also president of the Connectivity Advisory Board for homes and apartments at

“Partner of since 2016, I have seen in a very concrete way all the work they have been able to accomplish to reach the level at which they are now. BookingSync is a very committed partner that is easy to work with and proactively provides high quality service, both by implementing new APIs, but also by improving existing ones. ” Joao Carmo, Partner Business Manager at

“BookingSync’s commitment to delivering value to vacation rental property managers, both by providing them with excellent connection quality but also by quickly integrating new tools and features sets them apart as an exceptional software solution. I congratulate the entire BookingSync team for their recognition as an Elite Connectivity Partner with Expedia Group and for providing their customers with efficient and robust technology that enhances the traveler experience. ” Lisa Chen, Vice President, Global Lodging Connectivity and Solutions, Expedia Group

“The entire BookingSync and Smily team is very proud of this recognition: becoming the best partner of the biggest online booking channels, both in terms of connectivity and privileged relationships, is a huge reward for everything we have. accomplished so far and a privilege to be able to provide our customers with excellent connectivity so that they can fully focus on the guest experience. Now our goal is to always push the limits of excellence and add other partners to the list, in order to always offer more and better ” Sébastien Grosjean, founder of BookingSync and Smily

About BookingSync

Designed in 2009 and officially established in 2014, BookingSync is a seasonal rental management software for professionals imagined by Sébastien Grosjean, working in the industry since his childhood. When it was created, the start-up raised just under 1 million euros in just 15 days from 160 investors. Since then, BookingSync has carried out four more fundraisers and in 2020 developed a new vacation rental management service for individuals: Smily. The company now has active employees in 17 countries and is positioned as a world benchmark in the sector. To date, BookingSync has achieved a sales volume of over 1 billion euros and is active in 76 countries.

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PARIS: BookingSync, best partner of Airbnb, and Expedia – PACA’s economic and political newsletter

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