Miguel Bonnefoy, fabulous Booksellers Prize 2021

The novelist receives the prestigious award for Heritage, the story of a family saga, published during the last literary season, appearing on the list of most of the grand prix.

There were beautiful people on the last list of the 2021 Bookstore Prize. Heritage by Miguel Bonnefoy (Rivages), Liv Maria by Julia Kerninon (The Iconoclast), The Tale of the Mistral by Olivier Mak-Bouchard (Le Tripode), What to night by Laurent Petitmangin (La Manufacture de Livres), and The friend by Tiffany Tavernier, (Sabine Wespieser). And the winner is… Miguel Bonnefoy. According to some indiscretions, the young novelist was not among the favorites at the start, but he made a “thunderous remount”.

The author of Heritage succeeds Akira Mizubayashi, whose novel Broken soul (Gallimard), Prix des libraires 2020, met with great success with more than 85,000 copies sold. This literary award is all the more popular as it is the result of a vote of 1,600 independent booksellers.

Founded in 1955, the Prix des libraires awards a French-language novel each year. Out of a hundred books from the two literary seasons in September and January, a first jury made up of ten booksellers selected ten novels. Then, the 1600 independent booksellers from all over France were asked to vote for the five finalists, then for the winner. It is Karine Tuil, Goncourt of high school students and Interallie Prize for Human things (Gallimard, then Folio), who is the godmother of the 2021 edition.

Miguel Bonnefoy is gifted in letters. At the age of 26, he won the Young Writer’s Prize (a short story competition for which the jury does not know the author’s pedigree and which revealed many talents). The funny thing is that this multi-award-winning novelist, now noticed by the media and readers, received the Unperceived Prize in 2012! He is the author of two other distinguished novels, Octavio’s Journey (Shores) and Black sugar (Shores). They have both received numerous awards, including the Vocation Prize, and translated into several languages.

Fabulous fresco

The story of Heritage is a family saga which features generations of Lonsoniers during the 20th century (Lonsonier like Lons-le-Saulnier). From the hills of the Jura to the Chilean prisons via the trenches of the Somme, Lazare le Poilu, back from hell in the trenches, Thérèse the lover of winged beings, Margot the aviator and her rebellious son Ilario fly towards their destiny, linked by the mysterious legend of a missing uncle. Many years later, a bloody drama struck the Lonsoniers. Carried away in the eye of the storm, they will fly together towards their destiny with, for only inheritance, the mysterious legend of this missing uncle.

The literary Figaro, in its edition of November 5, 2020, hailed this fabulous fresco that goes from France in 1873 to Chile in 1973, from phylloxera to Pinochet, to retrace the saga of a family caught between two cultures and two world wars. ” Heritage is the novel of uprooting and the second chance, of the opposition between forces of life and forces of destruction, of the exaltation of dreams and of disenchantment. (…) Bonnefoy, perfectly bilingual, continues, in French, a work placed under the double influence of the “marvelous reality” of Alejo Carpentier and of the “magical realism” of Gabriel Garcia Marquez ”, wrote Bruno Corty at the time..

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Miguel Bonnefoy, fabulous Booksellers Prize 2021