Literary return: “Blizzard”, the first noticed novel by Marie Vingtras, on the hostile lands of Alaska

With her first novel, Marie Vingtras is already attracting attention by appearing in the selections of three prizes for the literary re-entry: the Envoy par La Poste prize, the Talents Cultura prize, and the Première Plume du Furet du Nord prize. Blizzard, published by Éditions de l’Olivier, appears on August 26, 2021.

The story : Bess has the bad idea of ​​going out at the wrong time of the house with the “small”. Here in the Far North of Alaska, when a storm is brewing, we caulk the windows, we bring in the wood to “to hold out” for a few “days”, and we shut ourselves up. Bess doesn’t know the area like Benedict, who took her there. It is when she lets go of the “little one’s” hand to remake her laces that she realizes the disaster. Too late, the little one disappeared in the blizzard. She goes looking for him, soon followed by Benedict, with Cole, an old “friend” of the family …

Over the hours spent groping in the blizzard, in this mad race against time to try to find the little one, the truth of each of the characters is gradually revealed. And it is paradoxically in the storm, snow and fog, that each other’s past comes to the surface.

How did Benedict end up welcoming this ten-year-old child who is not his? Who is Bess, what suffering is she hiding? Do we really know Cole, that old friend of the family for two generations, who drowns his demons in alcohol? And the old Freeman, Vietnam veteran, what did he come to look for in this end of the world beaten by icy winds?

Paced like a thriller, Blizzard sensitively digs into the intimate history of its characters, their secrets, their pain. In a choral construction, the novelist alternates in short chapters the inner voices of the different protagonists, describing the violence of the feelings which cross them, at the height of the elements which are unleashed.

The writing, fluid, oral, “American”, fits perfectly to the spirit and the atmosphere of these large spaces, this harsh land where in human communities away from everything, crystallize in depth the unsuccessful dramas of the past.

With this behind-the-scenes look at the great outdoors, Marie Vingtras made a remarkable and remarkable first literary re-entry.

“Blizzard”, by Marie Vingtras, (Editions de l’Olivier, 181 pages, € 17)

Extract :

“In retrospect, I think I sensed that something was wrong. It’s kind of like when you have the feeling that an insect is tickling your ear. You make a gesture to get rid of it, but reality is an alarm, your internal alarm, set to the strict minimum. Not loud enough to make you jump, but just enough to prevent you from sleeping peacefully. I was just asleep, and I woke up with a start. Was it a hunch or the cold draft from below? I don’t know. I was so tired of spending the last few days in the excitement, picking up the traps, putting away the gear and us. prepare before bad weather arrives “. (“Blizzard”, page 11)

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Literary return: “Blizzard”, the first noticed novel by Marie Vingtras, on the hostile lands of Alaska

Hank Gilbert