Les Inrockuptibles announce the selection of its five literary prizes

The cultural magazine The inrockuptibles revealed its selections for the second edition of its literary awards.

The award will be sponsored by the novelist, Eric Reinhardt, winner with Constance Debré of the Les Inrockuptibles Prize in French Literature in 2020. He will be accompanied by a jury composed of members of the editorial staff of Inrockuptible and from the book section team: Léonard Billot, Vincent Brunner, Emmanuel Hoog, Nelly Kaprièlian, Jean-Marc Lalanne, Gérard Lefort, Sylvie Tanette, Yann Perreau and Amélie Quentel.

The latest selections will be unveiled on October 5, while the winners will be announced on November 9.

In the French literature category are named:

  • What an existence is, by Christine Montalbetti (POL)
  • The trip to the east, by Christine Angot (Flammarion)
  • Wonder Landes, by Alexandre Labruffe (Verticals)
  • As we exist, by Kaoutar Harchi (Actes Sud)
  • France goy, of Christophe Donner (Grasset)
  • So that I still love myself, by Maryam Madjidi (New Attila)
  • Change: method, by Edouard Louis (Seuil)
  • GAV, by Marin Fouqué (Actes Sud)
  • Don’t stop running, by Mathieu Palain (L’Iconoclaste)
  • The unknown of the post, by Florence Aubenas (L’Olivier)

In the foreign literature category are named:

  • Our night share, by Mariana Enriquez (Basement Editions)
  • Madame Hayat, by Ahmet Altan (Actes Sud)
  • The foreigner, by Claudia Durastanti (Buchet-Chastel)
  • Memorial Drive, by Natasha Trethewey (L’Olivier)
  • We the survivors, of Tash Aw (Fayard)
  • The silence, Don DeLillo (Actes Sud)
  • To be a man, of Nicole Krauss (The Olive Tree)
  • Hungry, of Raven Leilani (The Seeker-Midi)
  • Marta and Arthur, of Katja Schönherr (Zoe)
  • A brief moment of splendor, by Ocean Vuong (Gallimard)

In the category Early novels are named:

  • As rich as the king, by Abigail Assor (Gallimard)
  • So the, by Rebecca Gisler (Verdier)
  • Nothing but the sun, by Lou Kanche (Grasset)
  • Ultramarines, by Mariette Navarro (Quidam)
  • Moped, by Frédéric Ploussard (Héloïse d’Ormesson)
  • The demon of the hill of wolves, Dimitri Rouchon-Borie (Le Tripode)
  • Shuggie Bath, by Douglas Stuart (Globe)
  • The sun awakeners, by Oxmo Puccino (JC Lattès)
  • Firing, by Clara Ysé (Grasset)
  • In the days of sharks and saviors, of Kawai Strong Washburn (Gallimard)

In the category Testing are named:

  • If now I forget my island. Life and Death of Mike Brant, by Serge Airoldi (L’Antilope)
  • Faced with the fascist threat, by Ludivine Bantigny and Ugo Palheta (Textual)
  • Le Temps du reportage. Interviews with masters of literary journalism, by Robert S. Boynton (Basement)
  • Under our eyes. Small manifesto for a revolution of the gaze, Iris Brey and Miriam Malle (The Burning City)
  • Reinventing love – How the patriarchy sabotages heterosexual relationships, of Mona Chollet (Zones / The Discovery)
  • Not sleeping, of Marie Darrieussecq (POL)
  • The Tumulte of Paris, by Eric Hazan (The fabric)
  • Fragmentary reveries on the statistical hold, by Yves Pagès (Zones / The Discovery)
  • Democracy in pandemic, Barbara Stiegler (Tracts / Gallimard)
  • Mr. Know-it-all. Unclean advice from a filthy old man, by John Waters (Actes Sud)

In the Comics category are named:

  • The Lovers of Shamhat, by Charles Berberian (Futuropolis)
  • Draw again, of Coco (The arenas)
  • Awakenings, of Juliette Mancini (Atrabile)
  • Tomino the accursed, by Suehiro Maruo (Casterman)
  • The Notch, by Antoine Maillard (Cornelius)
  • Tunnels, by Rutu Modan (Actes Sud)
  • The Lovers of Hérouville, by Romain Ronzeau, Yann le Quellec and Thomas Cadène (Delcourt)
  • The Marvelous Part, of Ruppert and Mulot (Dargaud)
  • René in the dormant woods, by Elene Usdin (Mailify)
  • I killed the sun of Winshluss (Gallimard)

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Les Inrockuptibles announce the selection of its five literary prizes

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