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We are happy to reconnect with a tradition that is dear to us: the editorial cruise of the Figaro in Mediterranean. We are offering you an exceptional trip, one of those highlights that we are keen to prepare and which brings us closer together: a unique and exclusive journey for readers of the Figaro, according to a chosen itinerary, inviting experienced journalists, columnists and columnists on board. On the program, conferences, interviews and informal meetings, but also privatizations and guided tours among remarkable sites carefully selected.

In 2022, our odyssey will leave from Venice, place of all enchantments, legendary city, which has lived as a sovereign for more than two thousand years on the waters of its lagoon. We could not miss, a little further south, Ravenna, our first stopover, capital of the ending Roman Empire, at the crossroads of East and West, which was one of the cradles of Christian spirituality … and the last resting place of the poet Dante Alighieri. We will then pass on the eastern shore of the Adriatic to discover Hvar, Croatia, star of the Adriatic. Then it will be the deep cove of the mouths of Kotor, in Montenegro, one of the most beautiful natural harbors in the world. We will continue through Bari, stuck at spur height, on the heel of the boot, the ideal starting point for exploring the region of Puglia, the humble “Finis Terrae” of this great Italian south full of light with Matera. We will arrive in Greece via Corfu, the most charming of the Ionian Islands, a land of plenty where, according to Homer, the trees were never fruitless. Then we will take the Corinth Canal, which allows ships to avoid a detour of 400 km around the Peloponnese peninsula: a spectacular shortcut already imagined by Nero in 67 AD At the other end will await us the port of Piraeus, then Athens, at the foot of the Acropolis, will be our final destination.

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This journey, we have built and imagined it for you, in order to offer you an exceptional sample of the treasures scattered on the shores of this familiar sea. We also punctuated it with highlights and surprises, to make it unforgettable. “The most advanced peoples are always those who sail the most,” Emerson wrote. So, together, let’s weigh anchor. This trip aboard the Bougainville, from the PONANT company, reserved for readers of the Figaro, with private tours, and journalists-lecturers available to answer any questions, will constitute a cultural break that we wish to be demanding, exciting and warm. Like the links that unite us.

Itinerary :

Sunday September 25


Meet at the port of San Basilio, near Venice city center, where we will be pleased to welcome you aboard the Bougainville.

Monday September 26


Connected to the Adriatic Sea by a canal, Ravenna will offer you a colorful journey through time thanks to its many monuments.

Roman and Byzantine cultures mingled with it, and the fruit of this union covers theinterior of religious buildings of the city: theabundance of ancient mosaics remains the most beautiful testimony of the glorious local past.

Eight early Christian sites, listed as World Heritage by Unesco, will punctuate your walk through the historic heart, largely pedestrianized.

Le Figaro editorial cruise Voyages F

Tuesday September 27


Often ranked among the most beautiful islands in the world, Hvar has earned its nickname “Croatian Saint-Tropez” since jet-setters adopted it. Hvar, with its jumble of prickly pears, lemon trees and bougainvilleas escaping from tiny gardens where cicadas chirp with vigor, is in the same time zone as Paris, but much further east.

Twenty-six centuries of history precede it. Illyrians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Croats, Venetians – as well as the French during the Napoleonic era – indeed left their mark on the island. You will explore the cobbled historic center of this once flourishing city, which owes its finest heritage to Venetian influence.

Many places will seduce you: the elegant Place Saint-Etienne with glossy limestone slabs, dominated by its Romanesque campanile ; the Renaissance palace adorned with Venetian lions and columns with finely carved capitals; the rattractive Franciscan monastery shaded by a five-hundred-year-old cypress; the Benedictine convent where obstinate nuns continue to spoil their eyesight by weaving exceptional lace in agave thread; the two fortresses dominating the shady maze of stepped lanes; without forgetting the remains of the old ramparts.

Wednesday September 28


Located in one of the most beautiful bays in Montenegro, Kotor is a small medieval town full of charm, steeped in tradition and history.
Built between the 12th and 14th centuries, it keeps many historical monuments from this period (and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

During your stopover, you will admire the impressive castle which dominates the city and you will be enchanted by its labyrinths of alleys and picturesque squares, where shows are often organized with characters in period costumes.

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Thursday September 29


Capital of the Puglia region, stuck in the heel of the boot at spur height, Bari is the gateway to this splendid southern Italy whose turbulent history has left a rich heritage, particularly from medieval times. Its strong trading tradition has always made it a nerve center for trade but also political and cultural exchanges with Europe and the Middle East.

From Bari, you will go to neighboring Basilicata to discover thecave dwellings and churches of Matera, a spectacular tuff labyrinth, a unique landscape with thousand-year-old origins. The site, occupied since Antiquity, indeed developed in the Middle Ages under the impetus of numerous and dynamic monastic communities. Today we are worth more than 130 rock sanctuaries around the city, decorated, for the most beautiful, with primitive and moving frescoes. This unique site was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993.

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Friday September 30


Corfu is the most famous city of the Ionian archipelago. Protected by the ramparts of the citadel, its old town, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will reveal an unusual Greco-Byzantine and Venetian architecture.

You will be able to see, dominating the shore, the astonishing Saint-Georges church, similar to a ancient temple. Nearby, thein Spianada and its cafes shaded by arcades offer a lively atmosphere. The picturesque Pontikonisi islet, stopover for the legendary Ulysses, stands just a stone’s throw from the southern tip of the city.

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Saturday October 1


This penultimate day of your cruise promises to be particularly spectacular with the crossing of the Corinth Canal, 6.3 km long and 25 m wide. Its official inauguration took place on July 25, 1893, eleven years after the start of its construction. The first ship to cross this canal, in January 1894, was a french building 110 m long and 13 m wide, the Notre-Dame du Salut. Nowadays, its annual traffic is over 11,000 passages (including a number of boaters), large vessels having the obligation to take a pilot on board for their crossing if their tonnage exceeds 800 tonnes. The Corinth Canal allows ships of less than 8 m draft to avoid a long detour of 400 km around the Peloponnese. It is of both historical and geographical importance since it plays a role unavoidable in Mediterranean trade.

Sunday October 2


Disembarkation will be in the course of the morning.

Le Figaro editorial cruise Voyages F


The Bougainville

Equipped with innovative and environmentally friendly equipment, cabins with a refined design, large glass suites, lounges widely open to the outside, this new human-sized yacht with only 92 cabins and suites will offer you a cruising experience. unique. Ship of a new series faithful to the PONANT spirit, The Bougainville embodies this unique atmosphere, a subtle alliance of refinement, intimacy and well-being, which is the hallmark of the company. On board this ship sailing under the French flag, you will find the incomparable pleasure of an intimate cruise, offering the opportunity to explore an ever-expanding range of destinations within the framework of a 5-star service.

Le Figaro editorial cruise Voyages F

Speakers on board:

Alexis Brézet

Alexis Brézet Voyages F

Renaud Girard

Renaud Girard Voyages F

Guillaume Roquette

Guillaume Roquette Voyages F

Guillaume Tabard

Guillaume Tabard Voyages F

Sonia mabrouk

Sonia mabrouk Voyages F

Eugenie Bastié

Eugenie Bastié Voyages F

Vincent Trémolet de Villers

Vincent Trémolet de Villers Voyages F

Agnes Verdier-Molinié

Agnes Verdier-Molinié Voyages F

Michel De Jaeghere

Michel De Jaeghere Voyages F

Early booking: – € 500 until 11/30/2021

Rates quoted per person based on double occupancy. Rates for single occupancy on request, please contact us. The Early Booking * rate is applicable for any reservation made before 11/30/2021.

These prices include:
The presence of dedicated speakers and speakers • the “open bar” package • the full board cruise from the dinner on the first day to the breakfast on the last day • the welcome and captain’s cocktails • the gala dinner • the mineral waters • the tea • filtered coffee and red, rosé and white wines served at your discretion with meals • afternoon tea • evening entertainment and / or organized shows • room service 24/24 • port taxes (450 € / pers) • tips on board (12 € per day per person) • The program of exclusive excursions organized for the Figaro Editorial Cruise (Visit to Ravenna, visit to Hvar, visits to Kotor, Matera and Corfu).
These prices do not include:
The Paris / Venice and Athens / Paris flights package (offered as an option) • transfers • personal expenses • cancellation insurance, assistance, repatriation • luggage and medical expenses.

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