Kyrie Irving’s value in the transfer market would be close to zero: shouldn’t be surprised when he trades for a second round draft

Still out of the group of the Nets and not about to return according to the intentions of the new mayor of New York, Kyrie Irving has a very uncertain future with Brooklyn. But if the New York franchise decides after a while to part ways with Uncle Drew, it may have a hard time trading him.

Obviously, today Wednesday November 10, 2021, we are not there yet. The Nets have decided to move forward without Kyrie Irving until he is eligible to play at Barclays Center, but This doesn’t mean that Brooklyn has given up on Uncle Drew. Does General Manager Sean Marks pick up his phone when someone calls him regarding Kyrie? Yes, because it costs nothing. Is he trying to move it absolutely at time T? No. Because even if it is clearly at an impasse with Irving, the New York franchise still hopes to see him again in the white and black jersey one day, alongside Kevin Durant and James Harden. With a Ramesse struggling to find his best level, there is no doubt that the absence of Irving weighs in some games and we know that the Nets have only one goal in mind: to win the NBA title. Except that the more we advance, the more difficult it is to imagine the three-headed New York monster evolving together. On the contrary, we can begin to wonder if the Nets will not seek to transfer Irving at some point in order to at least recover something in exchange. A question that is also asked HoopsHype, who went to interview several NBA executives – exactly seven – to take the temperature regarding Kyrie’s value in the transfer market. Spoiler, it would be almost zero.

“Overall, every front office, every coaching staff is scared of Kyrie, and doesn’t want to be in contact with him. Honestly, above all that [l’épisode du vaccin, ndlr.], there were maybe only four teams. The front offices do not trust him. The coaches don’t want him. The players like it though. “

– An NBA leader

It’s no secret that the reputation that accompanies Kyrie Irving today – whether exaggerated or not – and some of his background (an unexpected two-week absence at the start of last season, for example) may not cool you down. any franchise potentially interested in its services. Even more with the COVID vaccine episode and its absence from the Nets currently. And then we must not forget either Irving’s contractual situation. Indeed, while it was talking about an extension with Brooklyn at the start of the offseason, Kyrie is now in a potential final year of contract knowing that he has a player option for the 2022-23 season. So when you put it all together, obviously it’s complicated for Brooklyn to find a trading partner with an honest counterpart for a player of Irving’s caliber, whose talent is known to everyone.

“He is a max player, for whom managers are not ready to let go of assets that we can usually let go of [pour ce type de joueur, ndlr.]. Considering all the risks associated with it, teams don’t want to pay the price we usually pay for such a strong player. “

– Another NBA leader

So, what’s next? Can this situation between the Nets and Kyrie somehow unblock this season? “I do not know of a single team that wishes to recruit him” added an executive. Not even Philadelphia, another franchise that finds itself stuck with the Ben Simmons case? This is one of the few scenarios that makes any sense at all given the current situation of the Nets and Sixers. But for the moment, nothing very concrete has materialized at this level. According to Adrian Wojnarowski ofESPN, boss Daryl Morey would not have contacted Nets GM Sean Marks regarding a potential Irving – Simmons deal for now.

Health restrictions that remain in New York, a value on the transfer market almost zero, and a Kyrie obviously still not ready to be vaccinated, as much to say that it is not tomorrow that we will see Irving again on the NBA floors. Unless he’s playing the All-Star Game …

Text source: HoopsHype

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Kyrie Irving’s value in the transfer market would be close to zero: shouldn’t be surprised when he trades for a second round draft