Kevin Huerter extended for 4 years and 65 million by the Hawks: Atlanta consolidates its nest before winter

Pressed by the deadline, the Hawks did not choke by offering a contract extension of $ 65 million over 4 years to Kevin Huerter. A win-win deal that will allow everyone to approach the rest more calmly. This time it’s good, everyone is there, the season can begin!

Atlanta fans – more and more lately – dreamed of it, management did. After Nate McMillan, Trae Young, John Collins, Clint Capela and more modestly Lou Williams, it’s the redhead’s turn to extend to The Big Peach. The 2020-21 season has exceeded all expectations and Travis Schlenk has logically made the choice of stability. Tired of seeing players get eliminated in this way Squid Game, everyone wants to see the same group on the floor again to continue the beautiful dynamic started since the end of winter after the departure of Lloyd Pierce. As the list above attests, Kevin Huerter was one of the last elements of the roster not yet to have been locked in for the long term. This is now done for 4 years and $ 65 million, a completely honest deal for both camps. The product from Maryland will remain in the project with Trae and Collins with whom he has known everything so far in an attempt to see higher than the Conference final already reached this year. This is the inevitable Adrian Wojnarowski fromESPN who drew the fastest during this evening dedicated to last minute extra time.

Last season, the Red Velvet stabilized its averages around the 12 points at 36.3% away, just over 3 rebounds and 3 assists, plus 1.2 interceptions per game. Kevin Huerter will therefore continue to develop his potential in a fundamental role, whether he is used off the bench behind Bogdan Bogdanovic as against the Knicks or at the start of the series against Philadelphia, or the holder as for the rest of the Playoffs. Drafted in the 19th choice by the Hawks in 2018, the Albany sniper in the suburbs of New York has made his way in Georgia where he fills the gaps in several sectors and brings both scoring and defense. Collective and versatile player, he already knows the house by heart and it was obvious to see him pursue the kingdom of Coca-Cola. It will now be his step-up to help the Hawks to blow their ceiling finally reached faster than expected last spring.

Trae Young, Clint Capela, John Collins, Kevin Huerter have all been extended until 2025 minimum, all at fair prices. A real masterclass while waiting to see what awaits DeAndre Hunter and Cam Reddish next summer. In any case, vThis is how a management sends a message to its group, when it goes far in the Playoffs. It motivates and above all makes you want to see the rest as quickly as possible.

Text source: ESPN

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Kevin Huerter extended for 4 years and 65 million by the Hawks: Atlanta consolidates its nest before winter

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