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Indeed, KE-BOOKING reaches the maximum reliability score (100%) from [1]. This crowns many years of hard work to achieve perfect exchange quality. It is a source of pride for our team and trust for our users.

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All accommodation providers (hotel residences, hotels, bed and breakfast, furnished apartments, unusual accommodation, etc.) will find in this article the points of vigilance to check when choosing a Channel Manager supplier and for their essential technological solutions. in an increasingly digital world.

What is a Channel Manager ?

You may not know it, but the Channel Manager function is actually the name of a technology based on a set of globally defined standards and protocols.

The principle of a Channel Manager is to provide an interface for exchanging data between your software and the connected platform (for example, The principle is to centralize exchanges with all of your distribution channels so that a change in one of your distribution channels (own system or distributor site) is immediately reflected in all the other channels. These data exchanges are made the fastest possible in order to avoid any difference in price or availability.

As shown in the diagram below, the Channel Manager is your establishment’s interface with the world of e-distribution.

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(source: KE-BOOKING)

What to expect from a good Channel Manager ?

The adjective “ Well Implies multiple aspects and points of vigilance that must be taken into account. This concerns the data exchanged in terms of completeness and precision as well as exchange performance in terms of speed and reliability.

The essential data are:

  • availability, restrictions and prices (but there also for restrictions and prices, not all gateways master all configurations)
  • the routing of reservations (here again the precision of the data conveyed is very important).

KE-BOOKING platforms are very fast and very reliable (100%). Our infrastructures are monitored in real time, which allows us to to verify in real time the performance of our Channel Manager and correct and / or inform about any situation requiring intervention.

It is essential for an establishment wishing to be equipped to check the aspects of performance, details of the data exchanged as well as the supported price configurations. he is also essential to verify the seniority of a service provider because the technologies implemented require high-level skills which can only be acquired over time. As we said in the introduction, it takes a long time to become one of the very best Channel Managers in the world.

The last aspects to take into consideration are to verify that the Channel Manager is developed by the service provider as well as the service offer provided around Channel Manager. In fact, the technology used is performance technology, but the fact remains that certain situations require human interaction and intervention. What you should therefore expect from a good Channel Manager is a team that listens, advises and is responsive. For example, it sometimes happens that a distributor makes a mistake and causes an overbooking situation which is attributed to an establishment requiring it to bear the costs of relocation. KE-BOOKING can in this situation participate in the process of the establishment by providing proof that the stock was indeed zero and thus make the distributor recognize his error.

What impacts for your establishment ?

The quality of the Channel Manager (published by may have a strong impact for your establishment.

For example, if we take a Channel Manager exchanging 100,000 messages per day (about 1 message / second), an error rate of 5 % (reliability 95 %) can result in 5000 data exchanges in error, which is a lot and can represent a significant shortfall for the establishments affected by these errors.

In the event of an error, you may be faced with over-booking situations (which you will have to manage, sometimes compensate and suffer the resulting bad image), as well as situations of incorrect price on which you can sell below your price (which represents a shortfall) or above your price (you lose sales).

In addition, depending on the choice of your Channel Manager, your possibilities will not be the same. You need to choose a Channel Manager who will adapt to your tariff plan, your possible changes of model as well as being able to use the restrictions offered by the standards rather than having to undergo limitations imposed by your supplier.

How to choose ?

To summarize, here is a non-exhaustive checklist of points of attention (support for standards and quality) and at the end of the article an infographic to understand everything:

  • all the restrictions proposed by the standards and supported by the main players (length of stay, arrival, departure, etc.):
  • all the pricing models offered by the standards (rental, per person, additional person, depending on the length of stay, etc.)
  • the routing of reservations (accuracy, data evolution, PCI DSS compliance, etc.)
  • the propagation time (to request and verify)
  • the reliability rate (public at
  • scalability (time to adapt to changes in standards)
  • ergonomics (complexity of operations, batch modification, ask for a demonstration)
  • support in the implementation, advice and modifications

Your Channel Manager should provide you with serenity, do you win time and you do not have to connect to the extranet of each channel to carry out your day-to-day operations.

To know the rating of your Channel Manager at Booking, ask him… or check directly in your Booking extranet.

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