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Who says new NBA season says … dozens of games that we will want to watch, live or in replay! And who says back to school necessarily means a little homemade tutorial. Old and old, new and new to the basketball world, let’s do it right. So here is, for the 2021-22 season, the perfect little guide to NBA League Pass: with prices, subscriptions, options, a Q&A… and a huge deal to enjoy it for free now for 7 days!


It’s your favorite media’s favorite tool, and even other sports can envy us. With armored schedules throughout the year and damn boring game schedules because of the France – USA time difference, you have to be in the best possible way to watch the NBA on the big or small screen. There are plenty of ways to do this, but the NBA League Pass remains the number 1 lethal weapon. And for those who have known us for a long time, this is not the first time that we have spoken to you about it. Only, when the new season kicks off, there may be some reluctance to join the NBA LP fanatics. This is why, below, you will find some major questions that we will answer in detail. History to start the 2021-22 campaign at the highest level.



The NBA League Pass is a bit like our own Netflix, for NBA dingoes. Basically, this is the official NBA subscription service. A huge platform, which allows its users to access absolutely all the matches, whether live or on demand, throughout the season.

The comparison with Netflix is ​​not used by chance. When you want a good big movie or a series, wherever you are, what do you do? You launch the app in a snap, and a few seconds later you’re in front of the content you wanted. Well it’s the same, but NBA version.

When you want to see a match live or in replay, wherever you are, you launch the app with a push and… a few seconds later, you’re in front of the match you wanted. Whether on PC, smartphone or tablet, in your toilet, at work, under your duvet or on a plane, you can watch the NBA without asking any questions. For the geeks who want the complete and precise listing of the means of distribution, normally you can count on your web browser, on iOS, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, Roku, PlayStation 4 and 5, Chromecast , Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick, CarPlay and Apple Watch. The Minitel too, well not sure, but to be confirmed.



As with many subscription services in 2021, the NBA League Pass has options. And not just two.

Here are the details we can give you, with a summary in our style:

  • League Pass (€ 24.99 per month): it is the classic, the most solid, and between us the one that we have been using for a long time. All the matches live and in HD, the archives also in HD, possibility to download the matches to watch them offline, and every night it’s a treat. We have been in contact with this subscription for more than 10 years, a marriage of remarkable stability over time.
  • League Pass Premium (€ 29.99 per month): this is the giga package, really made for those who shoot the NBA 24 hours. Basically that’s the base offering above, but the LP can be used by two devices at the same time, and with phenomenal archives in HD quality. For example in terms of legendary matches, if you want to remake the Bulls – Jazz of 1998 with Michael Jordan who murdered 20,000 merciless fans, it is available on this pack. And for the youngest who want to share an account with two, this is the maximum good plan. You split the costs together, and you can use the NBA League Pass unlimited each on your device.

  • Team Pass (€ 14.99 per month): it’s for giga-fans of a franchise, so those who just want to follow the exploits of their favorite team. If you are a supporter of the Sixers for example, and you only like watching Ben Simmons throw a brick at the throws, with this package you will only have access to Sixers matches. Basically, this is the basic offer, but dedicated to a single team.
  • Day Pass (€ 5.99 for 24 hours): it’s for people who want to take advantage of the NBA League Pass for 24 hours, but no more. A big night of matches to watch with friends, a mad desire to eat live and replay for a whole day, if you don’t want to commit but you want to enjoy the LP on a short and intense time slot, it is is the perfect offer. A bit like an NBA shot, ass-dry.



No, a subscription is not just for regular season games. There are the Playoffs that are included, and other cute goodies around.

We have the opportunity to experience the All-Star Game and other All-Star Weekend events, the Summer League, the pre-season, player intros, trophy awards, etc….



Let’s say everyone consumes the NBA differently so everyone has their own answer, but here’s a look at our little habits at TrashTalk.

For evening regulars, when you find yourself in a frenzy around 1 a.m., the basic functions of the player are still very kiffantes. We got used to it over time, but we still have to remember them for those who do not have the tool visually in mind:

  • Pause, then come back live on each match
  • Go back 10 seconds, or activate the mode slow motion to see all the details of the match
  • Multi-screens: on computer, possibility to display up to 4 streams simultaneously
  • Filter events, to see only one type of action or to focus on a single player
  • Money-time in another room? We switch from one match to another in one click

Frankly ? When it’s 4am, when you’re looking at the end of a soporific game between Milwaukee and Detroit, and you see that there are 96-95 between Nuggets and Blazers in Denver with three minutes to play? Clicking on the meeting and immediately settling in Colorado to attend the money-time between Damian Lillard and Nikola Jokic is nothing short of happiness. This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of everyday use, switching to HD from one game to another, as if we had a VIP seat in every NBA hall.


For the regulars of the day, when you have a normal rhythm of life and you want to enjoy replays in perfect conditions, there are the same features of the player above, but the archives in addition make your cables go wild:

  • Condensed mode: review the matches of the day before in 10 minutes flat, via a summary of the best actions
  • No spoiler mode: to hide the scores and not be disappointed when you wake up
  • All matches are available on demand since the 2012 season
  • All NBA Finals games from the past 20 years are available on demand
  • NBA TV is available live, with expert analysis and exclusive documentaries

So to summarize, whatever your way of living the NBA, there is a real comfort of use that gives the feeling of being respected in your passion. For people like us, in the team, who want to experience the trick to 2000%, we have the feeling every year that we have the ideal tool to make it happen. And not all sports can offer this. So every year… well, it starts again.

nba league pass


So we know that many of you have scrolled so far to please yourself, so we won’t judge you, it’s time to give you a bite.

From 4 p.m. on Tuesday, October 19, 2021, the NBA League Pass will be available for free in France for 7 days.

To take advantage of it, here is the procedure to follow:

  • Create an account on the NBA League Pass
  • Follow the steps one by one, with your favorite team, the newsletter options, patati and patata
  • Access subscription offers here, and choose the offer LEAGUE PASS clicking on TO BUY
  • Enter your bank details, but pay close attention because this is where everything will play out
  • Press on SEND
  • Before the end of the 7-day trial period, unsubscribe and you will not be charged to your account

It is this step that must not be missed, otherwise you will pay the NBA League Pass in full. And suddenly, the trial period that you thought was free … well it is not free. This is a process that you can also use on other platforms, when you are offered a trial offer of a few days. Check the conditions of use, but before the buzzer you just have to unsubscribe, remove your bank details and bang, it’s in the box.

Important reminder, however: it is at the very beginning of the season that the NBA League Pass prices are the most advantageous, and you earn a few cents by paying all at once rather than once a month for 12 months. You do what you want with this info, we just pass on the tips.




If you’re a big NBA dingo, for us it’s hard to ask for a better fun tool every day.

If you want to split the costs together, a League Pass Premium allows everyone to fully enjoy on their own screen.

If you are at night there will be perfect conditions live, and if you are by day there will be perfect conditions in replay.

If you want to test without getting fooled, you can try the 7-day trial but don’t forget to unsubscribe to the buzzer.

We could talk to you about it for a while, especially because it’s a tool that allowed us to learn more about our sport, the history of this game, and the little details that make the NBA so rich. Simple example, every time we meet with the members of the editorial staff in the evening, we know that we just have to launch our LP and it will be a successful night all together. And that, honestly, it’s a big kiff when you want to binge on matches and great moments live with the community. Now, is it a flawless tool? No, there is obviously maintenance here and there, and some bugs sometimes related to updates. But it’s so isolated from everyday life in HD that we frankly end up forgetting it. And it has become a tool of work and passion fully integrated into our habits. So if you really want to binge, trying it is a bit like adopting it.


Hope this little homemade tutorial is useful for some of you! The NBA is kicking off its new season and the nights will always be so short for many of us. From Tuesday evening? We will heat the NBA League Pass, like for a while. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us, we will prepare our best coffee for a 10th season of madness on TrashTalk. Let the party begin !

We wish to give thanks to the writer of this write-up for this remarkable web content

Everything you need to know about the NBA League Pass: price, subscription, options, and how to enjoy it for free for 7 days! – TrashTalk

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