Devin Booker will personally take care of “Mr. Suns in 4!” : the apology for violence is blah, but the story is crazy

Devin Booker has visibly crawled his Twitter and Instagram feed over the past few days and hasn’t missed the Ball Arena brawler story. This Suns fan, beating two Nuggets supporters in Denver by proclaiming the famous “Suns in 4!” “, Sometimes made people laugh, sometimes made people talk. He especially caught the eye of Book, who decided to… reward him.

Far from being glorious, this fight has made the rounds of social networks. Devin Booker, apparently quite connected, thus decided to find “Mr. Suns in 4! »To invite him to a Conference Finals match and dedicate his jersey to him according to ESPN. Adam Silver must have appreciated. New Arizona star named Nick McKellar says he’s only hit back. And this little … Devin Booker’s comedy will further strengthen his sudden notoriety.

For those who would have missed the episode, we give you a little flashback. Game 3 between Nuggets and Suns was perhaps the hottest of the series last Friday. Looking like a last-ditch for Denver, the Nuggets finally cracked once again before permanently losing the series in four games. A sweep that hurts for fans of the Nuggets and whose violence is comparable to a good potato in the teeth inflicted by Suns starving … Except that the described metaphor has it well realized in the stands of the Ball Arena. If Deandre Ayton and Niko Jokic created the most beautiful love story of these Playoffs, some Phoenix and Denver supporters are obviously not buddies. Colorado capital resident and Suns fan Nick McKellar was in the stands of the Nuggets Hall to support his team that night. Filmed in a verbal contest with two Nuggets supporters, his trashtalking was obviously not to the taste of the locals. If the video begins with an air of false fight like the clashes of Top 14, the fans of the Nuggets end up unpinning, surely upset by the fate reserved for their team after this game.

Except in Arizona, other than watching basketball, growing cacti, and fighting, there aren’t any major occupations. And the pseudo-thug fan of the Nuggets learned it the hard way. Caught in the cracks, unlike Aaron Gordon’s shots, the Mike Tyson of Wish from Phoenix responds and also wins the battle of drunk guys in the stands. His final punchline “Suns in 4! Went viral. The punches and violence are bad, but we must admit that this end punchline is very well placed. Especially since his prophecy came true behind.

If he had the urge to fight, there is no doubt that Devin Booker also didn’t miss the video of the Jokic brothers throwing him little bird names. But if on the bottom this story is not really commendable, it brings a real unusual side to these 2021 Playoffs.

Text source: ESPN

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Devin Booker will personally take care of “Mr. Suns in 4!” : the apology for violence is blah, but the story is crazy

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