Devin Booker charred the Lakers and sent LeBron James on vacation: 47 points for the kid, it’s not a perf, it’s a lifegoal

Possessing control of the series after their home win in Game 5, the Suns wanted to end the diminished Lakers tonight at Staples Center. The kind of situation Devin Booker, who smelled like blood, is particularly fond of. The Suns All-Star full-back was huge, and the defending champions didn’t survive.

He had started the series with a boss perf. He concluded the latter with a real masterclass. For his first career playoffs, Devin Booker proved once again tonight that he was not the type to deflate in the spotlight. He has proven once again that he is the race of the greats, the ones who play their best basketball in elimination matches. In the room of his idol Kobe Bryant, no doubt very proud of everything up there, Booker was simply majestic. His first quarter, it is to be placed in the all-time category, and we are not exaggerating: 22 points, 8/9 shooting including a perfect 6/6 from the parking lot, and the biggest total in scoring in the first quarter of a Playoffs match in the last 25 years (tied with… Michael Porter Jr., who did the same last night). A real avalanche that shattered the hopes of the defending champions even before Staples Center fans had time to warm up. Booker notably planted 17 points in a row to help Phoenix widen the entry gap and take a 36-14 advantage in the first quarter. Violent, brutal, insolent… you can use any term you want. What was he telling him Kobe again? “Be Legendary” that’s it ? We can say that that night, Devin Booker did justice to his tattoo because it was indeed legendary.

Already author of an epic start to the match during Game 5, in which he finished with 30 points, Devin Booker has therefore put it back, only for the better. 33 pawns at the break, 47 in the end, all at 15/22 shooting, 8/10 from parking and 9/9 from free throws, with 11 rebounds and 3 bonus assists. Can we really do better than that? You will tell us Damian Lillard but Dame could not leave with the win in Denver a few days ago. For the record, the last time a Suns player had climbed this high in a Playoffs game, it was in 2005 with Steve Nash, author of 48 points in a loss against Dallas. In a victory? We have to go back to… 1995 with a certain Charles Barkley, who also finished with 47 units. When we tell you it’s all-time caliber, we’re not lying to you. And the best thing about it all? It was seeing Devin open his mouth to make it clear to the defending champions that he was the boss. Not only did he plant all the shots he needed to repel the Lakers’ unexpected comeback attempt, but he also speaks loudly this little one. What more. Now in the light after several years in the shadows because of the mediocrity of the Suns, Devin Booker shows the whole basketball world that he is made for the Playoffs, he who finished his very first series of his career – against the defending champions – with an average of 29.7 points, 6.2 rebounds, 5.0 assists at 49% shooting, 43% distance and 94% throwing -francs. Very very heavy. A little struggling in the mid-series in the first two games at Staples Center, Book responded like a superstar and now you wonder how far he can climb.

We were waiting to see what Devin Booker would come up with for his big playoff debut, clearly he didn’t disappoint. But we know the guy, he already has his head for the next series against the Nuggets. We warn you, this is only the beginning!

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Devin Booker charred the Lakers and sent LeBron James on vacation: 47 points for the kid, it’s not a perf, it’s a lifegoal

Hank Gilbert