Daniel Gafford continues the adventure with the Wizards: 40 million over 3 years, the price to pay for his beautiful eyes and his big counters

Ding ding ding! At the buzzer the Wizards therefore appeared, and at the buzzer the Wizards therefore offered their pivot Daniel Gafford a small extension of families of 40 million over three years. To some it may seem like a lot, but if you’ve been following the Wizards a bit last season, you already know how great the great Dan has done his team in the spring. So a great operation? We are not far from thinking so.

Jesus Navas had in his time made Christian Jeanpierre completely in love with his “wolf eyes”, and this season the commentators of the capital will have eyes for their part only for those all light brown of the great Daniel Gafford, spring recruit of 2021 and now well established among the young cracks of the franchise. Landed in Washington at the last trade deadline, from Chicago with Chandler Hutchison against Troy Brown Jr. and Mo Wagner, the bouncy interior was not long in catching the eye (decidedly) of its staff and its fans by becoming – among other things – the official slap box of the Sorcerers. Deprived of Thomas Bryant since the start of the season after a nasty injury to the young pivot, Scott Brooks then had to make a big part of the season with the only Alex len and Robin Lopez at the pivot position, and if Brook’s brother did his job and made us hit bars with his space hooks, the arrival of the great Dan was not far from having revolutionized the Wash racket. 10.1 points at 68% shooting (!), 5.6 points and 1.8 against in 23 small games, an incredible intensity deployed and therefore a quarter of a season that was enough for the leaders of the Wizards to get out the checkbook .

A little more than 40 gratins over three years, we have therefore locked the position in Washington, and Danny will therefore share the interior minutes this season with Montrezl Harrell and Thomas Bryant, the latter being expected for the holiday season. Strong on pick and roll and able to fetch balls from under the ceiling, not the most awkward at the post but above all a defensive specialist, Daniel Gafford left the 2018 Draft with a 38th steal-looking pick but was starting to live on in Chicago after a promising start. His departure a little further to the East will therefore have precipitated his start of career with an incredible propensity to distribute pancakes on a regular basis and a big Game 5 against the Sixers, absolutely not the kind of match that makes history but certainly of those who speak to a front office.

Not necessarily the most exciting signing of this “extension deadline” … unless you are a fan of the Wizards or Harry Potter. Daniel Gafford has done the job so Daniel Gafford takes his kichta, nothing surprising in this case and now we will have to go to step 2, often the most difficult: assume and ensure. At worst the Dan will always have his revolving eyes and that killer gaze, but by the way, have you heard from Christian Jeanpierre?

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Daniel Gafford continues the adventure with the Wizards: 40 million over 3 years, the price to pay for his beautiful eyes and his big counters

Hank Gilbert