Chris Paul compares his relationship with Devin Booker and James Harden: spoiler, CP3 has his little darling and he is not bearded

Chris Paul just made his first time in the NBA Finals with the Suns this year and he gives Devin Booker much of the credit. In Gilbert Arenas’ “No Chill” podcast, Point God returned to his relationship with his new best friend but also with James Harden. We can clearly say that it goes better with one than the other.

As we know, NBA podcasts offer us a lot of very interesting and revealing statements that often get people talking. The show “No Chill” of the former sniper (it is the case to say it) of the Wizards Gilbert Arenas is no exception to the rule. Chris Paul was the guest of editing released last week and many topics have been discussed such as his potential duet with Kobe Bryant at the Lakers, his rookie year, but above all his relationship with Devin Booker and James Harden, especially late in the game. We tell you right away, the Point God is much more at ease with his “light-skin boy” as he calls him, than with The Beard during the time of the Rockets. We know that the range of moves of Kobe’s spiritual son is such that he can score as he wants and from where he wants on the floor. The veteran knows it too (at the same time it’s not complicated to see) and therefore has total confidence in Kendall Jenner’s guy to manage the end of the game. And communication is at the heart of everything.

“One of the best things about my relationship with Book is that we talk about everything, both good and bad. […] Devin knows how to put on game-winners but what I’ve been telling him all year round for the end of the game is ‘go to your spot and take the shot’. Even though it’s a distant 2-point, just inside the 3-point line, as it was once at the start of the season. I told him, ‘if you’re at your spot, you can shoot with your eyes closed’. “

We are clearly on a good bromance so much the two love each other. The duo have only been playing together for a season and it feels like they already know each other by heart. Last December, the leader was already praising the ultra competitive mentality of his new backcourt partner in press conference, explaining that during their one-on-one sessions, they were often close to a fight because of the intensity they both put on. In any case, what we can say is that Chris didn’t quite have the same type of relationship with Houston Bearded James Harden. On paper, both guards formed an exceptional back line but it ended badly, with tensions and the transfer of Paul in the summer of 2019. Cipifruit questions in particular the lack of communication about the end of the game with the star now playing for the Nets :

“It is necessary to have these kinds of discussions. But seriously, we were really good [Chris Paul et James Harden, ndlr.]. No one can score like James, I always say that. It’s crazy. I wouldn’t change much about this experience but I would have liked to have had these kinds of discussions with him. “

As a reminder, after managing Lob City for years, the former Wake Forest boss transferred to the Rockets in 2017 and stayed there for two years. During the 2017-18 season, CP3 and a James Harden in MVP mode even carried the Rockets to the conf ‘final with a record of 65-17. While the Texas franchise led 3-2 against the Warriors of Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry & Cie, the feat was not far off but it was a failure for the band at Mike D’Antoni. Chris Paul’s ischio injury – preventing him from finishing the series – and 27 straight 3-pointers missed in Game 7 later, and the Rockets were on vacation. From the 2018-19 season of H-Town, we will certainly remember the 36.1 points and 7.5 assists of average of El Chapo and the magnificent season of Carmelo Anthony (no), but we will remember just as much the many confusion within the Texan backcourt. Anyway, the potential and the means were there but the Rockets episode of the Point God career did not go as hoped.

The eleven-time All-Star point guard also praised the Suns staff – including Monty Williams (coach) and James Jones (general manager) – during the podcast, but the number one in his heart is his new DBook protege. Anyway, Chris has said it before, he hasn’t spoken with James Harden since he left Texas in 2019. Yep, as marriage shrinks always say, what’s most important about a relationship is communication.

Text source: No Chill Podcast

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Chris Paul compares his relationship with Devin Booker and James Harden: spoiler, CP3 has his little darling and he is not bearded

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