Cheaper bookings this summer with a good VPN (good deal, NordVPN at -72%)

With its 14 million users around the world, you probably know NordVPN, one of the most popular VPNs on the market today, found on all platforms including iOS and macOS.

Why use a VPN for the holidays? Because it can save you money! We saw it last year by comparing the prices of rental vehicles according to your location, with a difference sometimes exceeding 100 € over a week! This also works on domestic flights: in the US, if a site detects that you are booking from abroad, the prices are generally higher than if you are in the correct country.

Small example: try to book a hotel in Nice by Booking, if you connect to a Romanian server the price of the hotel in Nice for the same period is around 40 euros cheaper for Romanians than for French!

A VPN is a virtual private network: it will thus mask the connections between your computer / smartphone and the sites / servers that you consult, an ideal ally in these times of teleworking. Even your ISP will not be able to access your information, which is then end-to-end encrypted. Any site consulted will not be able to identify you precisely, nor to geolocate you.. To benefit from it, you must subscribe to a service, which will thus place servers in different countries in order to bypass the restrictions in place – such as certain games / streaming, accessible only in certain regions.

The interest of a VPN is therefore multiple:

• Bypass geographic restrictions by netflix
• Access certain content (video games) in preview
• Being able to watch French programs from abroad (replay etc.)
Secure your connection on WiFi networks (Hotels, stations, libraries, etc.)
Bypass restrictions from some countries (China, Middle East, Russia …)
Speed ​​up loading at some ISPs which clamp down on Apple / Netflix

This summer, the program offers a practical novelty: with City Locator, it is possible from all applications to automatically select the city in France in which we want to connect. With the arrival of new servers in Marseille, people located in the South of France will then see their connection even faster, with a much lower ping.

NordVPN has been around for many years and often wins the votes of users and the specialized press for its new features. Indeed, this VPN is not only the fastest on the market thanks to its NordLynx protocol but also thanks to its 5500 servers, and it is also present in more than 60 countries, a big plus if you travel a lot.

NordVPN even offer some bonus functions :

• A single NordVPN account secures 6 devices
• “Double VPN” or “Double encryption” function
• A 30-day satisfied or refunded trial
• Bandwidth is unlimited
• 24/7 assistance in French (chat, e-mail)
• Kill Switch: if the VPN is deactivated, the connection is automatically blocked.

Little more, the Windows, macOS, Android and iOS applications of NordVPN are already accessible in French.

Today, for the summer, NordVPN is available at 72% off + 3 months free, i.e. € 2.64 / month.

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Cheaper bookings this summer with a good VPN (good deal, NordVPN at -72%)

Hank Gilbert