Brooklyn Nets salaries for the 2021-22 season: three superstars with max contracts, success is priceless at Sean Marks

Welcome to the land of Sean Marks where everything is excessiveness and opulence, both in terms of talent and finances. In five years of service, GM has transformed the Nets to today build a workforce that even the Monstars are jealous of. And Brooklyn may be a big market, the owners are still forced to line up the thicker bundles for their superstars, with a three-headed monster as threatening as it is greedy.

A short practical guide to Salary Cap and the Exceptions

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Financial situation in relation to the course

  • The Luxury Tax threshold is set at $ 136,606,000 this year.
  • The NBA’s Salary Cap is set at $ 112,414,000 this year.
  • With $ 171,910,468 contractually committed for this 2021-22 season, the Nets are probably the most quali and competitive team in the League but pay a heavy price for their power monsters. A high price, yes, but still fair and logical and the franchise allows itself to employ excellent players in search of low cost rings to do much more than compensate.

The Big 3 Harden – Durant – Kyrie is logically at the top of the ranking with a max contract for each of these all-time scorers, also with all-time income. Despite the unfortunate loss of three little toes in the Playoffs last June, KD extended to the Nets for a tidy well-deserved sum while for the time being, the other two troublemakers have not yet signed new deals but the discussions would be already in progress. The two files are therefore to be watched (as you can imagine, we will talk about them later in the article), especially that of the unvaccinated whose future is subject to an incalculable number of questions today. Next is sniper Joe Harris with 17 honorable crossbows, far ahead of the rest of the herd which almost only includes heists in Casa de Papel mode. Spurs icon Patty Mills has landed for a big handful of millions, well below her intrinsic worth, as have former All-Star veterans at minimum Paul Millsap, LaMarcus Aldridge and Blake Griffin. Add to that Nic Claxton, Bruce Brown and the crackito Cam Thomas who will not even touch 9 potatoes between them and you have an incredible roster (mentally underpaid) around three superstars who logically swallow 70% of the franchise’s salary. We end with a little s / o on this trickster of Jahlil Okafor and a touched thought to Edmond Sumner, sadly thanked after his severe injury … hard world that is high level sport.

Players with guaranteed contracts for the following season: 5

  • Kevin Durant
  • Joe harris
  • Jevon carter
  • Cam Thomas
  • Day’Ron Sharpe

With his extension, Kevin Durant is now under contract with the other franchise of NYC until 2026, year when he will touch almost 55 asparagus at the pretty well advanced age of 38 brooms and will then be despite his human stick morphology a real salary weight . A sacrifice nevertheless necessary for the franchise which secures the services of one of (the?) Best offensive weapons in history which actually deserves much more than his current salary. Joe Harris will be at his side for three more campaigns and should also gradually decline while his contract will increase to the touch of twenty million pesos, enough to make boss Joseph Tsai suffer. In view of his recent performances, rookie Cameron Thomas could turn out to be the Kyrie Irving of tomorrow but for much less while Jevon Carter and Day’Ron Sharpe will be more there to play sparring partners for salaries ( and an impact) almost insignificant in the future.

Three players in interesting situations this season

  • Kyrie Irving: As the Ben Simmons saga finally seems to have an unexpected ending to say the least, Kyrie Irving is now taking over as the league’s hottest issue. Indeed, Uncle Drew refuses to be vaccinated despite the laws in force in the New York area and the Nets have therefore decided to remove him from the group until he changes his mind on the COVID issue. A unique and uncomfortable situation for the franchise and the player of course, even more at the start of a season at the end of which he could become a free agent if he declines his player option. It’s hard to imagine the Nets extending the complo (a) tiste after a white year and we could well have already seen Ky’s last game in the black jersey. We do not remain immune to a total turnaround as with Ben Simmons – especially after his latest downgrades – or even a transfer in the coming months, which makes the Irving case one of the most intriguing of … the history of the League.
  • Bruce Brown Jr .: key element and surprise of the Nets last year, Bruce Brown will be free from his contract at the end of the season and will logically claim a nice check. The rear will be on the shelves of a lot of GM who could offer him the figures to which he aspires … unlike Sean Marks who is already well beyond the Luxury Tax for 2022-2023. So be careful because we could well see the best defender of the workforce leaving the lights and the sporting success of the Nets for the thicker bundles of another franchise.
  • James harden : we put the bearded man at the bottom of the list because we are almost sure that he will extend soon in his new team, but the small and unique percentage of chances that he will not do it is worth to him to claim this last spot with the nose and with the clump of future restricted free agent Nic Claxton. If the Kyrie affair takes too much importance and ends up disturbing the former MVP in his meditations at the Moulin Rouge, or if KD puts him a little too in the shade according to him, we could well see our Ramesse become frustrated. and dissatisfied in public. Harden is always expected to continue the adventure at BK, but these unexpected and unexpected scenarios are worth raising and imagining.

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Brooklyn Nets salaries for the 2021-22 season: three superstars with max contracts, success is priceless at Sean Marks

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