Booking company ordered to pay a fine of 1.2 million euros in Paris

The Paris court ruled that had “disregarded” certain provisions of the Tourism Code by not transmitting certain information to the City of Paris, which is to receive the sum of 1.2 million euros from the online reservations site.

The Dutch company BV, which owns the famous eponymous hotel reservation site, was sentenced on Monday to a fine of 1.234 million euros for non-compliance with the tourism code, which will be paid in full to the City of Paris . The Paris court ruled that Booking had “Unknown” certain provisions of the Tourism Code by not transmitting several information to the municipality, in particular the number of days during which furnished tourist accommodation was rented.

The City of Paris, which asked for a fine of more than 150 million euros, had taken Booking before civil justice in January, believing that it had not received the requested information. “within the time allowed”. “ demonstrates that, in a compliance process, it has transmitted the requested information”, clarifies the court’s decision, which however considers that the company has “Delayed” to communicate the data requested by the City of Paris.

“Thus, contrary to the request presented by the City of Paris which seeks a dissuasive sanction, the fine imposed must be set at a reduced amount”, explains the decision. The entire civil fine will be paid to the City of Paris, “In application of the tourism code”.

Booking crying …

“We are disappointed with the decision […] relating to data sharing between and the City of Paris ”, commented the Dutch company, which indicates working “In close collaboration with the City of Paris since then to guarantee the quality and efficiency of the data we share and to ensure that we fully comply with all our legal obligations in France”.

“In this specific case, the data retroactively required by law did not allow to have the time necessary to correctly meet the City of Paris’ requirements relating to the quality of the files shared”, underlined Booking. “Since then, we have strived to continuously improve the quality of the data transmitted, to the satisfaction of the City of Paris.”

Brossat Who Laughs

For his part, the housing assistant to the mayor of Paris, Ian Brossat, welcomed the decision on Twitter. The elected Communist, who recalls that Airbnb was also condemned this summer for breaches, believes that the demonstration is made that “The law of the market is not superior to the law of the Republic”.

The online reservation site Booking had already been sentenced on August 26 to a record fine of 14.9 million euros by the Russian anti-monopoly agency (FAS) for having “Abused of its dominant position”. “Abused its dominant position in the Russian market for online accommodation booking sites”, denounced FAS, accusing it of having imposed on hotels and youth hostels “The obligation to respect price parity”. had already declared “disappointed” by this decision of the FAS. “We are going to appeal the fine”, the company said in a statement, quoted by the official Russian agency TASS, defending a practice “just” price parity.

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Booking company ordered to pay a fine of 1.2 million euros in Paris

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