Blake Griffin and Joe Harris have created a “club” in the Nets locker room: the Blue Collar Boys, a tribute to sweat and work in the shadows

On November 13, the Brooklyn Nets YouTube channel posted the second episode of The Bridge, a mini-series of videos dedicated to the daily follow-up of the team. This second stanza is an opportunity to discover the Blue Collar Boys, a valiant “club” set up by Joe Harris and Blake Griffin in the locker room. Their specialty? Raise shadow actions to the rank of art.

Miming putting on a helmet and then putting on your construction boots, here is the Blue Collar Boys instructions for use to celebrate the provocation of a forced passage. Where does the term come from? “Blue Collar” ? Blue collar workers are manual workers and laborers who work in industry. They do the job that nobody wants to do, like Blake Griffin, Joe Harris and Patty Mills who perform in the shadow of Kevin Durant and James Harden. This phenomenon at the “Batum Battalion” aims to reward sacrifices with the price of the ovation. A concept that could quickly go viral as the season progresses and videos full of grinta are spinning on the networks. Throw yourself on leaky balloons, do not fear dump trucks launched at 305km / h and get a tattoo Por el Pueblo on the left ear lob: if you meet these three conditions, then you are. More seriously, joining this club is not within the reach of each of the Nets, you have to go through an initiation rite. Discovering this concept, Patty Mills instantly asked Blake Griffin and Joe Harris to integrate it into the project, but the two fellows waited for the Australian to prove himself ball in hand. After a successful breakthrough provocation against Jerami Grant, the former disciple of Pop zieute in the direction of his bench. He immediately understood that he had just passed his entrance test.

“Today, Patty Mills is officially a BCB member”. A huge relief for the Boomer who wondered if he had given the right email address to the entry jury, for lack of not having received anything. But the selection is not to be taken lightly since it completely reshuffles the cards of a more or less fixed sports hierarchy. When Kevin Durant says he feels integrated into the crew of the Blue Collar Boys, Blake Griffin recalls that the freak is only one “Prospect” and that it is not easy to become a BCB. We can feel close to them and be inspired by the energy released, but does not claim Blue Collar Boys who want it. In any case, this is the point supported by Blake Griffin who seems reluctant to welcome more people into his small club with sectarian paces. “We appreciated the devotion of Kevin Durant on this strong passage. I don’t know if he knows that the entry process takes a while. Even though it’s long, we appreciate it as a * laugh * prospect. On and off the pitch therefore, the Blue Collar Boys will never give up. If the 2018-19 Nets were there, D’Angelo Russell and Jared Dudley would be proud of this initiative. Without a shadow of a doubt.

It’s gone for a season of helmets and big boots, but above all of well-flopped force passages just to integrate the (very) closed circle of BCBs.

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Blake Griffin and Joe Harris have created a “club” in the Nets locker room: the Blue Collar Boys, a tribute to sweat and work in the shadows