After Oliver Wyman, the alternative to Airbnb and Booking

The associate has left Oliver wyman one year ago. Guillaume Jouffre, 29, has just launched GreenGo, an eco-responsible tourism accommodation platform, which aims to be a French and responsible alternative to Booking and Airbnb, to promote more local, fairer and more sustainable tourism. ” We also pay our taxes in France on the way ! », Confirms the start-uper to Consultor.

The idea: to create a community of hosts and guests who are committed to a sustainable development approach. ” We want to show that we can travel, have fun, be in beautiful places, while taking care of the planet! The commitment of the hosts is above all moral, even if they sign a charter. It is based on three pillars: adhering to the sustainable development approach, offering a fair value for money, and having a warm and local welcome. And we offer lower commission rates, 10%, while Airbnb and Booking are 18%.

This engineer from Polytechnique (class of 2016), where he obtained the DOCTIS master’s degree, which prepares in particular for careers in international consulting firms, in partnership with the London School of Economics, joined Oliver wyman in 2017 as a consultant.

I wanted to do some consulting to further develop my business skills. Like the prep classes that best prepare for Polytechnique, counseling is one of the best ways to learn entrepreneurship.

In three years of consulting at Oliver wyman, Guillaume Jouffre worked on a dozen missions, particularly alongside the pricing and size marketing team, out of keen interest in these subjects. ” I worked a lot on sales, price and promotion optimization issues. But I also worked on data, retail, payment and telcos subjects. “

Guillaume Jouffre also carried out a mission for the development of a natural park with protected species in the Emirates. ” It allowed me to go to South Africa to meet pioneers. It was very interesting, even if it was not terrible in terms of carbon footprint! In three years in the firm, Guillaume Jouffre has climbed three steps: consultant, senior consultant and junior manager (the equivalent of associate).

Guillaume Jouffre left the firm in March 2020 to create GreenGo with three partners. After a structuring phase, the entrepreneurs moved on to the development phase, from September to February, before officially launching the platform.

To date, the site has 130 hosts and nearly 350 accommodation units, and several dozen reservations, in full containment. A crowdfunding campaign is underway on Ulule in order to grow the network of hosting providers and reach European scale within three to five years.

The Ulule campaign has so far exceeded its objectives. ” We were modest about our initial objectives, namely 5,000 euros, to be sure to raise the funds. But we have already reached more than 15,000 euros and 170 contributors in just ten days. It’s a very good surprise and a good start!

Le Petit Poucet GreenGo cannot of course immediately compete against the giants of the sector. Guillaume Jouffre and his associates believe in the development of new, more sustainable tourism. An eco-responsible approach for accommodation providers and holidaymakers which appears more and more necessary and unavoidable. ” I invest myself on a daily basis in projects that fascinate me, which have meaning. It is my driving force and I try to contribute modestly, at my level, to initiatives that seem more appropriate to me. To defend certain values ​​that are very close to my heart. “

Photo credit: GreenGo.

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After Oliver Wyman, the alternative to Airbnb and Booking

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