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How to increase the rate of customers who book live in your hotel ?

How not to sacrifice your hotel profitability by avoiding paying too many commissions to OTAs ?

How to keep control of customer data and be able to use them for loyalty and personalization purposes, and by getting the customer to book on your hotel’s website ?

How to store mastery of customer relations ?

Many questions that hoteliers ask themselves. Here are some best practices that will help you answer the above questions and have proven their worth for independent hoteliers, city hotels and hotel restaurants.

1- Have an attractive website with an ergonomic and efficient booking engine

OTAs have standardized hotel files that present the establishment without necessarily promoting it as you can do on your own hotel website. A neat site, beautiful photos, a responsive design site to be easily read on tablet and smartphone, regularly fed and updated, which describes your offers, your packages, your events, your additional services will make you stand out and make you want to Internet user to book with you. Especially if your website directly integrates a booking engine (booking engine), practical and designed so that the user can easily go to the end of his reservation by being able to easily view the categories of rooms, availability and the best rates. Such a site is a major asset for converting live.

2 – Work on the referencing of your website so that the customer easily comes across your hotel establishment

Even if it seems complicated for some to compete with Google or OTAs to appear in the first search results and therefore be clearly visible, a hotel can quite easily regain market share with a website worked in natural referencing, a SEA strategy, i.e. advertising on search engines, content creation, etc. Without going into details here, know that the fight is not necessarily unequal provided you put in place the right methods and go through a specialist for his hotel’s website.

3- Offer striking hotel offers

If you offer the same types of offers as the platforms, you are not putting the maximum chance on your side for your customers to book directly in your hotel. On the other hand, imagine specific offers exclusively reserved for customers who come directly to book their stay is a practice that has been proven for several years now: keeping the most beautiful rooms for direct bookings, offering original packages with Spa treatment, with dinner in the restaurant, breakfast at half price or with an activity for example.

It is also ideal to know the client well, if he has been to your hotel before, of course, in order to offer him a dedicated offer. Finally, we are also seeing more and more sites that compare the prices directly to those available on the platforms in order to definitely win the customer’s membership and that they click on the button “ Reserve !

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The customer belongs to whoever takes care of it: take back control !

Hosted by Guilain Denisselle, Founder of TendanceHotellerie, accompanied byOlivier Mouchet, Hospitality Business Unit Director at Sequoiasoft, Jessica clech perlot, Owner of the Hotel R Paris and of Jeremy Atlan, Co-Founder and Business Developer of Duve.

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10 best practices to increase your direct bookings – TendanceHotellerie

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