“Supernova”: (re) discover Colin Firth in five films

60-year-old Briton Colin Firth has appeared in no less than 42 feature films grossing just over US $ 3 billion at international box offices. Currently starring in “Supernova”, the actor started out almost modestly in “Valmont” (1989) by Milos Forman and “The English Patient” (1996) by Anthony Minghella.

“Bridget Jones’ Diary” (2001)

Member of the “brit pack” in the 1980s and 1990s, Colin Firth quickly obtained, and despite a lack of notoriety, roles in renowned film productions. It was not until the BBC television adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice” that Colin Firth, who played the role of Darcy, finally became an actor known throughout the country. When the production of “Bridget Jones’s Diary”, based on Jane Austen’s novel begins, the actor is an obvious choice for the (aptly named) character of Mark Darcy. The feature film was a box office success (US $ 281.9 million), was the subject of two sequels and Colin Firth won the BAFTA (the equivalent of the British Oscars) for his performance.

“Mamma Mia!” (2008)

Proof of his love of films with an ensemble cast and, above all, of his versatility, Colin Firth accepts a role in a musical, his first! There he plays one of Meryl Streep’s lovers and, if he describes the experience as “a little scary”, he considers that he got away with it because he only sings one song of the whole. movie! “Mamma Mia!” quickly became the highest grossing English production in film history (no less than US $ 615.7 million in international box office revenue) and Firth was nominated for the National Movie Awards, the channel’s audience award ITV.

“A man in the singular” (2009)

Colin Firth then makes a surprising choice by playing George Falconer, the main character of the very first feature film by Tom Ford, the American fashion designer, who finances the production himself. It takes him well, because he obtains a nomination for the Oscars and another for the Golden Globes for his interpretation of a gay professor and depressed since the death of his spouse in America in 1962. Colin Firth is not besides stranger to homosexual roles; he indeed began his career on the boards in “Another Country” by Julian Mitchell in 1983.

“The King’s Speech” (2010)

It is ultimately the filmmaker Tom Hooper who allows Colin Firth to win an Oscar. In “The King’s Speech”, he lends his features to George VI, the father of Elizabeth II, who must overcome his stammering when he becomes king, after the abdication of his brother. The actor has prepared thoroughly, working with specialists to master this language disorder. He will also admit in 2011, in the pages of the “Daily Telegraph”, having all the misery in the world to get rid of stuttering. “You can actually hear it right now, there are times when it’s really contagious. And the more you think about it, the worse it is, ”he said.

“Kingsman – Secret Service” (2015)

Always in search of novelty, Colin Firth then accepts to play in “Kingsman: secret services”, a police action and comedy film directed by Matthew Vaughn, also producer of several feature films of Guy Ritchie as well as “Kick Ass”. The surprising and successful mix has won over moviegoers the world over, garnering some US $ 414.4 million in international box office receipts.

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“Supernova”: (re) discover Colin Firth in five films

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