Serial nominations for “Wolfwalkers”

Annie Awards, Bafta (British Academy Film Awards) and even Golden Globes, this series of nominations is not exhaustive for the animated film “Wolfwalkers”. It is almost becoming a habit for the Luxembourg company Mélusine Productions, already nominated several times for international awards, including the Oscars. “It’s starting to be a fairly unique track record,” admits Stephan Roelants, founder of the production studio.

With a “dazzling visual”, thanks to colorful drawings, according to the international press “Wolfwalkers”, a Luxembourg co-production, features Robyn, 11 years old, daughter of a wolf hunter. After a meeting in the forest, the little girl will become linked to these animals, much more than she would have imagined. “In the Grand Duchy, we have produced 35% of the animation, all the sets, but also the post-production, the storyboards, the secondary design, etc.”, explains Stephan Roelants.

“A victory for us, in Europe”

For him, the nominations for this film are “more important” than the awards themselves. They represent “a victory for us, in Europe”, according to the producer who evokes the “domination of the big American animation studios”. Competing with two “Pixar” for the Bafta (“Soul” and “Onward”), that doesn’t seem to be a concern: “If I put myself as a viewer, it is” Wolfwalker “the best film”. “Its strength is its quality”, from “its original screenplay and its particular graphic ambition”, he adds.

Finished in early June 2020, the film could suffer from the pandemic. “We often think that animation has not been affected because we can continue teleworking, unlike traditional films”, but the effects could be felt “in the long term”, recognizes the producer. The feature film has been in theaters for a month in the Grand Duchy, but Stephan Roelants hopes that cinemas in France will soon reopen, otherwise what “catastrophic” effects could result.

(Inès Mangiardi / The essential)

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Serial nominations for “Wolfwalkers”

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