Guillaume Canet: his opinion decided on the failed death of his companion Marion Cotillard in Batman

This Tuesday, October 26, during a live Instagram, Guillaume Canet finally spoke about the failed death of Marion Cotillard in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, released in 2012.

It’s a scene that continues to fuel conversations, almost 10 years later. In 2012, Marion Cotillard joined the cast of the third and last installment of the Batman saga by Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight Rises. She plays the role of Talia Al Ghul, a villain who dies after releasing her last words in front of a marble Batman. Problem: the scene is sorely lacking in accuracy, and what should initially have been an emotional sequence is supplanted by the wobbly game of Marion Cotillard. However, the talent of the actress is no longer to be proven, she who has won no less than two Césars, an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a BAFTA during her career.. It is perhaps precisely this paradox that pushes Internet users to constantly tease the actress on this subject.

This Tuesday, while Guillaume Canet hosted a live Instagram to promote his latest film, it was he who received the famous mockery. “Did Marion coach you well for the scene where you have to die in the movie?“, asks a user of the director, not without sarcasm. Amused, Guillaume Canet first replied:”So, Marion sent me a message at the same time to tell you that you could go and do yourself … (laughs) No I’m kidding“before declaring, more seriously:”Do you want us to talk about that sequence of Marion’s death in Batman again? Seriously? I can tell you something, it’s that Marion is one of the greatest actresses in the world and for a simple and good reason it is that it offers everything on a plate. She does totally different takes trying a lot of things and it’s a monumental gift for a director to be able to be lucky enough to have an actor who gives so much and different things.“.

Guillaume Canet, in solidarity with Marion Cotillard: “It’s the director’s fault”

Solidarity with his partner, Guillaume Canet rather put the blame on the director of the film. “After that, it’s up to the director to be good at editing and not to do anything. So you have my answer to this scene. If this director chose this take, it’s his mistake, it’s his fault and not that of an actress who gives everything while trusting“, he concluded.

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Guillaume Canet: his opinion decided on the failed death of his companion Marion Cotillard in Batman

Hank Gilbert