GDC Awards 2021: what will be the mobile game of the year?

The Game Developers Conference is a major event in the video game industry: it’s the perfect opportunity for developers to announce their new titles. But that’s not all, since the Game Developers Choice Awards take place during the conference, allowing the games of the previous year to be recognized.

And the category that interests us is none other than the best mobile game of the year, with five contenders:


The nominees for the best mobile game are …

alba a wildlife adventure ipa game icon iphone ipadAlba: A Wildlife Adventure (Game, Adventure, iPhone / iPad, v1.2.1, 0 MB, iOS 13.0, ustwo games)

After offering us Monument Valley and Assemble with Care, the studio already awarded the BAFTA award offers us a whole new experience.

Join Alba, who is visiting her grandparents on an island in the Mediterranean. As she prepares to spend a peaceful summer exploring nature with her friend Inès, she sees an endangered animal and realizes that she must intervene as soon as possible.

If you disregard the waste scattered here and there, the region is a true paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean! From idyllic beaches to the ancient castle overlooking the city, an entire island awaits you. In the company of your friend Inès and your grandfather who is passionate about birds, start a campaign to save the island!

Download the game Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

alba a wildlife adventure capture game ipa iphone ipad

legends of runeterra ipa game icon iphone ipadLegends of Runeterra (Game, Cards / Strategy, iPhone / iPad, v2.6, 151 MB, iOS 13.0, Riot Games)

Inspired by the League of Legends universe, Legends of Runeterra is a strategic card game in which you will have to show skill, creativity and ingenuity to achieve victory. Choose your champions and combine cards from different regions, offering their own unique styles and tactical advantages, to build the best deck and defeat your opponents.

Champions of League of Legends, but also new characters from Runeterra, come to life realistically.

Download the free game Legends of Runeterra

legends of runeterra capture game ipa iphone ipad

Genshin impact icon game ipa iphone ipadGenshin Impact (Game, Adventure / Role Playing, iPhone / iPad, v1.4.0, 2.9 GB, iOS 9.0, miHoYo Limited)
We discovered Genshin Impact during our test which revealed a sublime open-world action-RPG title that can be played on current consoles, but also on iOS and Android. With a controller or on a touch screen, this multiplayer leaves nothing to chance.

Genshin Impact lives up to its popularity, and you can see why it becomes a real phenomenon once you taste it. Whether it’s to go dungeons with friends, collect resources or continue the storyline, the game amazes and fascinates with its open world, lush, filled with events and quests.

Download the free game Genshin Impact

Genshin impact capture game ipa iphone ipad

the pathless ipa game icon iphone ipadThe Pathless (Game, Adventure, iPhone / iPad, v1.0.5, 0 MB, iOS 13.0, Annapurna Interactive)

Become the Hunter, master archer on a mystical island that faces a spell of darkness that threatens the world. Forge a connection with your eagle and soar through the air. Perform smooth stunts and incredible shots with a unique archery system, shooting effortlessly and blasting at full speed.

Explore an open world

Shape your way in a beautiful open world full of secrets. Pass through misty forests, lush meadows and cold tundras. Uncover the dark history of the island as you solve puzzles!

Download the game The Pathless

the pathless capture game ipa iphone ipad

if found ipa game icon iphone ipadIf Found … (Game, Adventure, iPhone / iPad, v1.2.0, 1.3 GB, iOS 11.0, Annapurna Interactive)
If Found… is a video game novel by DREAMFEEL about finding links.

On December 31, 1993, in a crumbling mansion on Achill Island, Kasio destroyed his diary.

It tells the story of his return home to the west of Ireland, of the conflict between his family, friends and of an ordeal to face.

Everything converges on this night when a black hole is about to destroy the whole world. Where is he from ? Is there a way to stop it?

Thanks to new gameplay mechanics, superb comic books and a magnificent soundtrack, players will be able to relive Kasio’s experiences and discover the happy and sad moments that marked his December 1993.

To download If Found … to € 5.49

if found capture game ipa iphone ipad

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GDC Awards 2021: what will be the mobile game of the year?

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