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Alongside ceremonies and film festivals as grandiose as they are prestigious such as the César and Oscar for cinema, the festivals of Cannes, Berlin, Venice … the European Union is trying to find a place for itself to reward continental cinematographic creation through the voice of its Parliament. Portrait of the Lux Prize.

The Sakharov of the film!

The Lux Prize is the equivalent of the Palme d’Or at European level. It is awarded by the European Parliament, as is the Sakharov Prize for commitment to the fundamental values ​​of the EU. The jury is made up of members of the Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education, which notably includes François-Xavier Bellamy, writer and philosopher, head of the LR list in the last European elections (8.48% of the vote) or Gilbert Collard, frontist lawyer.

The films in competition must, in addition to being produced or co-produced in a country of the European Economic Area (EEA), officially “To illustrate or question European identity, the diversity of cultures in Europe or even the public debate on the process of building the European Union”.

What is special about this award is that YOU have the power to help select the winner! After a selection in committee of the three contenders. This year, due to the health crisis and the closing of dark rooms, the organization allows you to watch the three films for free, so do not hesitate and go to the official website of the Lux Prize ! Voting is open until May 23!

And the nominees are …

Three films are in the running to win the Silver Roll:

Drunk is a comedy-drama by the Danish director Thomas Vinterberg, and worn by his compatriot, actor Mads Mikkelsen, whom everyone may have hated in Casino Royal, from the James Bond series. A group of 50-year-old friends want to verify a Norwegian philosopher’s theory that humans are born with a deficiency of alcohol in their blood. From an exhilarating and twisting experience, the story quickly turns sour. This film won the César for best foreign film, the BAFTA for best foreign language film as well as the Oscar for best international film this year, so it is the favorite.

The communion, a Franco-Polish film, directed by Jan Komasa, with the young Bartosz Bielenia, aroused strong reactions in his native country, and for good reason. The film tells the true story of a young delinquent called, by chance encounters and lies, to fulfill the functions of a priest in a small rural village and awakens Christian dogma in the most scathing way and in particular in elucidation. of a grim fatal accident.

The Colectiv case by Romanian Alexander Nanau looks back on a drama that moved and shook Romania. On October 30, 2015, the Colectiv nightclub in the capital Bucharest burned down in a fire killing 36 people overnight, 28 others died from their injuries during the following two weeks, 154 others were injured. This disaster, involving 6 different nationalities and transfers of the wounded to other countries, traumatized Romanian civil society; huge protests against the government accused of corruption and mismanagement of the disaster will lead to the downfall a week later. Relive the engagement of ordinary citizens taking on the role of investigative journalists and whistleblowers.

Don’t hesitate to go watch these films and give your opinion: culture is everyone’s story!

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European LUX Prize 2021, on your screens! – The Taurillon

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