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On Sunday evening, the highly anticipated Earthshot Prize Awards ceremony was held at Alexandra Palace in London. There had been a lot of hype for weeks / months about it and it’s supposed to be Prince William’s baby, although I think at one point he just stopped working on it and just got credit for everything their staff have done. We also knew in advance that Kate would be going to the ceremony and that she would be a presenter or something. Most of the photos show her simply supporting William by looking at him like he’s a god (when he mostly avoided eye contact). She also chatted a bit, good for her.

As for the superficial stuff… well… let’s start with Kate. She rehearsed a custom Alexander McQueen that she first wore in 2011, at a BAFTA event in Los Angeles during the Cambridges’ Big ‘Tour’ of North America. The BAFTA event was organized because Kate wanted to go to LA and meet movie stars. It’s a solid look, and she was praised for the McQueen at the time. The purpose of her re-wear of the dress for this event was to highlight not only her “economy” but the idea that people should re-wear clothes and not just buy fast fashions or run and buy new ones. clothes for every event. The problem is… yes, Kate comes across as somewhat performative. Still, I always wondered if she would wear this McQueen again, just because it’s one of the best pieces in her archives. I was also expecting her to wear a themed dress and wear green so I’m trying to figure out how a pale lilac themed dress is? IS SHE SMOG?

As for William, yes, as you can see he liked green. It was a lot. A green velvet jacket with a black turtleneck. People called him his Bond Villain look, but in some photos the turtleneck looks like Steve Jobs cosplay. It was rightfully a “daring” look for William, who typically walks around in crumpled button down shirts and overly tight pants with visible moose knuckles. * shudder *

During William’s speech, he suggested that the Keenshot Prize ceremony would change cities every year and that next year’s Keenshot ceremony would be held in America. MDR. Super obvious. These salty folks have been fiercely anti-American about everything Harry and Meghan is about, then wait a minute they need US donors, US funding, US tourism, US media, and US interest in their little white supremacist family, oops! So of course Moose Knuckle and Wiglet are going to make a hype for next year, that they too come to America. As for changing cities every year… William thinks his Keenshot is comparable to Invictus.

PS… People have said Kate copied Meghan’s wavy hair swept to the left. I can see this. I also think Kate has some reddish blonde highlights, or maybe it’s just the lighting.

Cambridges attend Earthshot Prize Awards

Earthshot Award

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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Duchess Kate remade McQueen at Earthshot ceremony: lilac lover? – Marseille News

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