Césars, Oscars, BAFTA: the calendar of film ceremonies

Oscars, Césars, BAFTA, Golden Globesâ? ¦ The vocabulary of cinema abounds with names of awards distributed throughout the year. So much so that it is sometimes difficult to navigate. The day after the 41st Caesars ceremony, and on the eve of the Oscars ceremony, Sunday in Los Angeles, ask for the program of the main events of the year of cinema.


The Golden Globe Awards â ?? United States

It is the first big meeting of the year. Held annually in Los Angeles since 1944, the Golden Globe Awards ceremony rewards the best film and television productions of the previous year. Voters are part of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which brings together non-American journalists based in the United States. Fourteen prizes are awarded for cinema, divided into four categories: drama films, musical films or comedies, foreign language films and animated films. Feature films over 70 minutes broadcast in the Los Angeles area during the previous year are eligible. The Golden Globe Awards are often considered “the hallway to the Oscars”: winning a trophy there often bodes well for the queen ceremony of American cinema.

The Sundance film festival â ?? United States

Organized in Salt Lake City since 1985, under the aegis of American actor Robert Redford, the Sundance Film Festival is one of the main independent cinema events in the world. Each year, it rewards fiction films, documentaries and short films produced outside the major production studios. Depending on the source of their funding, they are divided between US prices â ?? at least 50% of funding in the United States â ?? and international â ?? at least 50% of the funding abroad. Some great current directors made their debuts there, like Joel Coen, awarded with “Sang pour Sang” in 1985, or Quentin Tarantino, with the first out-of-competition broadcast of “Reservoir Dog” in 1992.

VIDEO. Robert Redford: “The principle remains the same, telling stories”



The BAFTA Awards â ?? United Kingdom

The British Academy of Television and Film Arts (BAFTA) delivers around 20 awards each year open to films from all sources plus 4 exclusively British awards. Awarded since 1947, the BAFTA Awards are open to films longer than 70 minutes â ?? for the feature films categories â ?? broadcast widely throughout the United Kingdom between January 1 of the previous year and the day before the ceremony. Small peculiarity: in addition to cinematographic and television works, the academy chaired by Prince William also rewards since 1998 the best video games of the year.

Berlinale – Germany

Along with Cannes and Venice, the Berlin International Film Festival, also called “Berlinale”, is one of the main international film festivals. The jury, made up of personalities from the cinema and the arts world, awards each year the “Golden Bear” for best film from a selection of international feature films. To be eligible, they must meet several criteria: be at least 70 minutes long, not participate in any other international festival and have never been broadcast elsewhere than in their country of origin. About ten other awards are given, including the Grand Jury Prize, the Best Actor and Actress Awards and the Best Screenplay Award.

VIDEO. The Berlinale 2016 opening red carpet


The Caesars – France

The Césars, French equivalents of the American Oscars, have been awarded every year since 1976. Twenty-two awards are given, including five major ones: best film, best director, best screenplay, best actor and best actress. They are reserved exclusively for French films, with the exception of one â ?? the César for best foreign film. “All feature films released in theaters during the year before any other presentation to the public (

Editor’s note, outside the cinema

), all genres (fiction, documentary, animation), and respecting the minimum exposure conditions defined by the Academy Regulations, can compete, ”says the Academy of Cinema Arts and Techniques in its regulations.

The Oscars â ?? United States

The star event of American cinema is held every year at the end of February. Awarded since 1929 by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Oscars are open â ?? for the feature film categories â ?? to all films over 40 minutes shown exclusively in theaters and shown in the United States the year preceding the ceremony. Twenty-four awards are given out each year at a ceremony held since 2002 at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

VIDEO. Inside the Oscars Vote (2014)



Cannes Film Festival – France

Founded in 1946, the Cannes Film Festival has over the years become the most publicized film festival in the world. For twelve days in May, around 80 films are shown in cinemas in Cannes. A jury made up of world-renowned cinema professionals awards the festival’s seven major awards among the films included in the official selection: the Palme d’Or for best film, the Grand Prix, the Director’s Award, the Prizes for female and male interpretation, the Screenplay Prize and the Jury Prize. To be eligible for the official selection, a film must have been produced in the year preceding the festival, have been shown only in its country of origin and have not participated in any other international competition. Other special prizes are awarded during the fortnight, such as the “Golden Camera” for the best first film.

VIDEO. The red carpet of the 2015 edition


The Venice Film Festival – Italy

Berlin has its Golden Bear, Cannes its Palme d’Or, Venice has chosen the Golden Lion. The Venice International Film Festival, the

Mostra di Venezia

in Italian, is the third major international film festival. Created in 1932, it is also the oldest of the three. Like the other two, it does not allow films that have competed in another international competition to claim the awards. Nine prizes are awarded among the films of the official selection: the Golden Lion for the best film, the Silver Lion for the Grand Jury Prize, the Volpi Cups for male and female interpretation, the Osella Prizes for the best script and the best technical contribution, the Mascello-Mastroianni Prize for the best hope and the Queer Lion. The latter is a small exception in the galaxy of cinema awards: created in 2007, it rewards films that have the theme of homosexuality.


The Toronto Film Festival – Canada

Created in 1976, the Toronto festival is gradually competing with other international events of the year on the commercial level. Between 300 and 400 films are shown each year during the 11 days of the event. Not having vocation for the competition, it does not reveal any prize list but on the other hand awards some prizes for Canadian films (best film, best first film and best short film) and rewards linked to the vote of the public.

The Deauville American Film Festival – France

Non-competitive when it was created in 1975, the Deauville American Film Festival has awarded its Grand Prix since 1995, appointed by a jury of big names in cinema, as well as five other awards. To be eligible, each film â ?? fiction or documentary â ?? must have been produced at least in part by a company based in the United States, be unpublished in France and not have participated in any other major competition in Europe. The duration must be at least 75 minutes: no price is foreseen for short films.

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Césars, Oscars, BAFTA: the calendar of film ceremonies