The main nominees for the 2021 Oscars … and what Libé thought about them

The American Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences unveiled this Monday the films in competition for the 93rd edition of the Oscars, which will be awarded on April 25 in Los Angeles.

A Monday that looks like Next day for Hollywood. First because this Monday marks the reopening of many dark rooms in Los Angeles, “After almost a year of closure” and this while the Californian metropolis constitutes “Hollywood’s biggest box office market”, note it Los Angeles Times. But also because it is this Monday that were unveiled the films nominated for the 93rd edition of the Oscars. The ceremony, which should have been held on February 28, was postponed to April 25 due to the health context.

With ten nominations in total, the film Mank, David Fincher’s ode to Hollywood’s Golden Age, starring Gary Oldman as screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz, sets off one step ahead of the rest. The feature film released last year on Netflix is ​​shortlisted in the categories of Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress (Amanda Seyfried) and numerous technical categories awarded by the American Academy of the Arts and cinema sciences, which presents the prestigious prizes.

That Libé thought about it: “Mank is therefore a film about cinema that the cinema did not want which, years later, becomes a platform work instead of the “studio”, a film “Big screen for TV” quite a program, already, in the irony. Thanks Netflix. By letting with one hand the figure of the all-powerful “filmmaker-author” to dissolve itself in a background shrouded in his own aura (and Welles hardly comes out of it grown), while rehabilitating the figure with the other. of the “scriptwriter-memorialist” (Mank as an observer of lost time, bedridden and in plaster much like James Stewart in Window on courtyard), Fincher, an unequal filmmaker, signs sensibly and intelligently, finally with both hands, his most fascinating, most personal film. “ Read the full review here.

Then come six films with six nominations. First of all Nomadland of Chloe Zhao with Frances McDormand, considered the favorite by many experts after her Golden Globes victory. This road movie follows a community that lives in converted vans and that roll from precarious jobs to precarious jobs, a film which was also awarded the Golden Lion in Venice. Note that with Nomadland, Chloé Zhao is the first woman to compete for the Oscars in four different categories (best film, direction, cut and screenplay).

That Libé thought about it: This journey “Is written by impressionist touches, according to encounters that are always beautiful, fortuitous, rich in lessons and stamped with the seal of a humanity all the more certified authentic as the figures of this people on driving wheels are often encamped here by those and those who inspired them. The film’s alchemy between the calm virtuosity of the actress and these faces directly taken from the harshness of deprived lives is quite admirable. “ Corn “It appears however regrettable, and even frankly guilty vis-à-vis its subject, that Nomadland strives to defuse all social tension and political springs to curl up in a principle of kindness so blissful that it turns lenient ”. Read the full review here.

Six nominations too, including that of best film, for The Father by Frenchman Florian Zeller with Anthony Hopkins. All the same for the Chicago Seven Aaron Sorkin with Sacha Baron Cohen, who traces the trial, in 1969, of seven representatives of the American leftist protest for inciting young people to riot, on the sidelines of anti-Vietnam demonstrations, during the Democratic convention in Chicago one year earlier.

That Libé thought about it: “At the heart of an impeccable cast, and despite sometimes a slight problem with slightly exaggerated seventies wigs, the confrontation between Eddie Redmayne and Sacha Baron Cohen in these two roles, the polished dryness of the first against the melancholy fantasy of the second, works wonders. “ Read the full review here.

Three other films complete this list of feature films with six nominations: Judas and the Black Messiah, in which Daniel Kaluuya plays Fred Hampton, president of a Black Panthers chapter in Illinois; Minari, which tells the story of an American family of Korean origins on a farm in Arkansas; and Sound of Metal, which features Riz Ahmed as a heavy-metal drummer with an audition that is packed.

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The main nominees for the 2021 Oscars … and what Libé thought about them

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