Simon Rex could win an Oscar for Red Rocket

Sean Baker has proven to be a thoughtful, innovative and original filmmaker since the start of his career. Baker first appeared on the map with his 2015 film Mandarin, which tells the story of a trans prostitute on a quest in Hollywood to find her pimp on Christmas Eve. The movie was shot with three Iphone 5 cameras and proved that you can make a powerful movie with the bare minimum of technology. What Mandarin devoid of technology, it consisted of a powerful story, staging techniques and performances.

Baker’s follow-up film was The Florida project, who has followed Moonee (Brooklynn Prince) and his friends as they cause trouble passing time during the summer, living in inexpensive motels on the outskirts of Disney World. Baker got a performance from the child actor Prince that was so real that even actors who worked for decades couldn’t compare. Prince starred alongside Willem Dafoe, who received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor, proving Baker’s abilities as a director. VIDEO OF THE DAY

Baker’s films are breathtakingly beautiful while also being grainy, disturbing, and incredibly real, making them sort of a cross between Terence Malleck and Harmony Korine. He is known to have chosen unknown actors who deliver superb performances. His next film Red rocket will be no different.

Simon Rex, who has had a very unconventional career, is receiving accolades and buzz from the first Oscars for his lead role as a former pornstar returning to his hometown of Texas. The film recently released a trailer for the film on the air from NSYNC Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, and audiences are eager to see the provocative film.

Red rocket premiered in Cannes and received a five minute standing ovation and everyone is talking about Simon Rex’s epic comeback. Let’s dive into the movie and explore the chances of Rex winning the Oscar for Best Actor.


Plot, cast and release date

Red rocket follows Mikey Saber (Rex), a stranded pornstar who returns to his hometown of Texas and disrupts the lives of his family and friends as he tries to find work and start a new life. Saber runs into his ex-wife Lexi (Bree Elrod) and, through a series of misfortunes, forms a relationship with a minor donnot store worker named Strawberry (Suzanna Son). the red rocket the plot is provocative, shocking and can upset certain audiences. Like Baker’s previous films, the cast includes a roster of non-or newbie actors who star alongside Rex. Baker’s casting choices have delivered real, gritty performances in the past and it shouldn’t be otherwise with Red rocket. Among others, the cast of the film includes Bree Elrod, Suzanna Son, Brenda Deiss. The film, which was produced by A24, toured the festival circuit and premiered in Cannes on July 14, 2021. It is scheduled to hit theaters on December 10, 2021.


The interesting career of Simon Rex

Rex was born in the San Francisco Bay Area at the age of 19, and began making adult films under the pseudonym “Sebastian”. It certainly proves the right decision to pick Rex for the role of Mikey Saber, as he most likely incorporated his actual experiences into his performance. From there, Rex took modeling gigs and worked with brands such as Levis, Clavin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger. His television debut came in 1995, when he was hired by MTV to be a video jockey, where he worked for two years. In the years to come, Rex made several appearances on TV shows and continued his music career under his alter ego, Dirt Nasty. Rex is probably best known for his starring role as aspiring rapper George in Horror movie 3, as well as his roles in the sequels. With such a resume, it would be unlikely that an actor like Rex would be cast for an Oscar-worthy role. Baker obviously saw something in Rex and judging by what the critics are saying, we could be looking at the feedback from all of the feedback.

What the critics say

Red rocket currently has an 87% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with the overall consensus being “led by the magnetic performances of Simon Rex, Red rocket is another vivid, vivid take on modern American life from director / co-writer Sean Baker. Variety article, Clayton Davis said, “Rex Embodies” the red rocket“Protagonist Mikey Saber through and through, and he’s a character you both love and hate.” Davis also praised Bree Elrod’s supporting performance as Saber’s wife, Lexi. In the past, we’ve seen the Academy notice and praise returning roles like Mickey Rourke in Wrestler and Michael Keaton in Bird man. That said, Rex’s questionable past and controversial storyline Red rocket could in fact hamper the chances of obtaining recognition from the Academy. In an interview with Hollywood journalist, Rex himself said, “It’s been years since I’ve really had people calling for auditions. Either way, Rex seems to have fallen into a role meant for him, and while much of his work has been pretty wacky in the past, no one can deny that he has talent and charisma. . Sometimes all it takes is a good director to see your potential and give you a chance to shine. Baker is a force to be reckoned with as a filmmaker and he has pushed the boundaries of filmmaking to new levels by taking risks in both production and casting. Everyone loves a comeback and while it’s not certain a movie like Red rocket with an actor like Simon Rex will surely show that anything is possible if he catches the attention of the Academy.

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Simon Rex could win an Oscar for Red Rocket