Régis Truchy: the eccentric dancer finally on stage

Tue 19 October 2021

In the midst of Hip Hop dance Regis Truchy is one of the greatest standing dance dancers, among others he danced alongside MC Solaar, NTM, Pina Baush, in the musical the 3 Musketeers and Cirque du Soleil.

I was called chewing–gum because it feels like I have no bones.

Introduce very young in the dance by Thony maskot, it is quickly spotted thanks to his chewing style–gum. “I was called chewing–gum because it feels like I have no bones, but it’s not about flexibility like my arms going back and forth, it was more about how to move , to move that gives you the illusion, it’s like magic, but with your body. In ’84, when I saw the smurf, all that was pop, there were a lot of stops and what interested me was the continuity in the movement, I never wanted to stop, I said to myself , I’m going to attack it differently and that’s what made me special.”

The first time I went to the States–United, they told me, he’s an Eccentric dancer ! “

With its particularity Régis Truchy has toured the world in amazing theaters, notably with Cirque du Soleil, he even received an “artistic innovation and performance” award and it is precisely by crossing the Atlantic that he was able to put a name on his dance. ” The first time I went to the States–United, I was told, he is an Eccentric dancer and I did not know this term at all. Me for example at the beginning, I spoke more about smurf and the precursors of the hip hop dance said poping, waving, animation. All that was rippling, isolating the body the head, dismembering the body, giving weird attitudes, weird ways of walking, that wasEccentric Dance.

Eccentric dance is the way to get loose without taking yourself seriously...

L’Eccentric dance exists for years 1920 initially with mainly tap dancers, but also with a lot of origins of African or Russian dances. “This is the way to disarticulate without taking yourself seriously“, a clown dance, a culture in its own right. “It is a state of mind above all, it is–To–say that it’s like for an actor if he just says his text, it’s not interesting, you need an emotional state and we put it at the service of, and there we, we put it at the service of the body.“

The president of the Oscars told me, it would be interesting if you put on a show.

In 2019, Régis Truchy is the only Frenchman to do a 5-minute number at the Oscars. It pays tribute to Marcel Marceau and Charlie Chaplin among others by starting from film images in particular Sinbad the Sailor, important inspirations ” At the time Po’N Taco the coach of Michael Jackson told me, “you see when we were young, we were inspired by this kind of film to make effects” well there you go, I did it again on stage and it was very appreciated and the president of the oscars said to me, it would be interesting for you to do a show, your character is very interesting. And I said to myself that when I returned to France, I was going to make a show of it, it gave me back my confidence.“

The only one on stage by Régis Truchy is therefore called Eccentric, a choreographic comedy a clever mix of mime dance and comedy, every Monday at Gaité Montparnasse Theater in Paris and on tour throughout France from January.

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Régis Truchy: the eccentric dancer finally on stage

Hank Gilbert