Portrait – Her latest film could qualify for the Oscars: who is Julie Caty, director from Creuse?

Since the release of Normal, everything accelerated for Julie Caty. She does not have too much time to return to Creuse. “My parents are still on Sardent’s side, I would like to come back more often but it’s a question of schedule… I’m caught up in the job,” she slips.

She was born in Creuse, near Sardent

The young woman, now fixed in Aveyron, found a moment, the first weekend of November, to move to La Villedieu. “Julie showed us her two short films. It has a particular history with this village, ”says Kévin Orliange, a friend and the manager of the musical label Fougère based in the village.

How a short film made in Creuse finds itself nominated for the 2021 Oscars (March 2021)

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His first short film was written in La Villedieu

It is here, in an office they shared above the municipal media library that she wrote her first film, Eden, in 2017. Five minutes that tell how E and A, terribly bored, escaped aboard God’s convertible to afford a city life devouring burgers.

“The production company Sacrebleu had launched a mini-series for directors, on the theme of disobedience. The story happened like this, in a few lines. Which is great because writing is long and painful for me. “

Julie caty (Director)

Trained in illustration, she learned animation on the job

What was the most complicated, ultimately, is the putting in pictures. Julie Caty chose to do animation: “I learned the technique on the job and I did everything on my own. It is also a specificity of my films, I am the only person to work on them. By financial obligation, at first, then also because I’m a control freak ?! “

Luc Béraud, screenwriter of Claude Miller, shoots a smartphone film in Creuse (July 2021)

She starts by drawing on paper, frame by frame, then scans them. Once on the computer, she puts them in color and movement using software. “I do 10 to 12 hour grand slams on the computer. And suddenly, it took me two years to release the first one. “

In 2013, she created an associative workshop in Felletin

Because initially, the Creusoise trained at the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris is a graphic designer, specializing in illustration and screen printing. In 2013, she even founded an association, “Les Michelines”, for the discovery of graphic arts in Felletin, which is still active but Julie Caty no longer manages it for lack of time.

There are still plenty of traces of her here. On posters, for example. So many people know her or have already seen her work.

Kévin Orliange would like to launch screenings of films made by locals in La Villedieu. Julie will be one of the creators broadcast, obviously.

His creations are funny, playful and a bit hysterical

France has become the third producer of animated series, behind the United States and Japan. “We are rather fashionable in the field. There is a real emphasis and a desire to say that the animated is not only for children ”, assures the director.

The 44th Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival from January 28 to February 5, 2022 will put Spain and dance in the spotlight

She, uses it to question, balances information – “often a billion, my images are extremely loaded, but I like” – and each viewer grabs what he can or what he wants. In his latest short film, Normal (2020) it features Dany, a spoiled rotten singer, who one day receives, via Amazoom, Karl Marx’s Capital and sets out to “fuck” capitalism. Funny, playful, pop, and “a little hysterical”, that’s what makes its mark.

“My creations have a flashy side. But not in a bad way ?! People say to themselves “Houlà, it’s different from what I have seen”. The graphic bias is very strong. I think I’m bringing something different than someone with a classic background. This is my chance. “

Julie caty (Director)

His latest short film qualifies for an Oscar

This is also what makes it stand out from the crowd at festivals. Normal has received several international awards, at Flickerfest in Australia, Spain and Finland. He has not yet finished his “festival run” but is already qualifying for the Oscars.

“It’s totally unimaginable for me. I wasn’t expecting that, ”admits the winner, still surprised. Two new projects are in writing. After banning herself from cinema for several years, today she says it proudly: “My job, that’s it. ”

Lisa Douard

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Portrait – Her latest film could qualify for the Oscars: who is Julie Caty, director from Creuse?