Oscars: Frenchman Florian Zeller wins Best Screenplay for The Father

Frenchman Florian Zeller won the Oscar for best screenplay for “The Father”, inspired by his play. Anthony Hopkins, 83, who plays the title role, won the statuette for best actor. This film tells the story of an old man who falls into dementia. “I was already extremely honored to have six nominations, to have two Oscars, I couldn’t have asked for better”, he reacts this morning on franceinfo. “I haven’t really realized yet, but I’m very happy“, he adds, expressing his”great joy“and his”gratitude“.

Among one of his great reasons for satisfaction, the author cites the award received by Anthony Hopkins: “This film, I thought, wrote, and dreamed for Anthony Hopkins. The desire to make this film, I cannot distinguish it from the desire to do it with him. Sharing this joy with him is all the stronger for me“.

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It now remains to set a release date for the French theaters, depending on the lifting of health restrictions. “If theaters reopen in mid-May, the film will be released almost immediately, in early June or mid-June. As soon as possible, we all want to share this film with the public“continues Florian Zeller.

Another Frenchman, Nicolas Becker, was recognized by the Academy with the Oscar for Best Sound on “Sound of Metal”, which depicts a heavy metal drummer losing his hearing. France received a third Oscar with a prize for the short documentary “Colette”, devoted to Colette Marin-Catherine, a 90-year-old woman who was a member of the Resistance under the Nazi Occupation.

Triumph for “Nomadland”

It is a prestigious hat-trick for “Nomadland”. Best Feature Film, Best Director for Chloe Zhao and Best Actress for Frances McDormand. “What an incredible and unique journey we have made together”, launched the Chinese-born director, many of whose actors in the film are amateurs playing their own role of modern hikers. Frances McDormand is one of the few professional actresses of this hybrid of road movie, social drama and documentary about elderly Americans living on the roads after losing everything in the financial crisis. Her role as a penniless and disillusioned widow surviving in an old motorhome allows her to become the second woman to win three Oscars in this category, behind all-category champion Katharine Hepburn, who holds four.

Dane Thomas Vinterberg, director of “Drunk”, received the Oscar for best foreign film for his bittersweet comedy featuring four friends leading a quasi-scientific alcoholic experiment.

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Oscars: Frenchman Florian Zeller wins Best Screenplay for The Father

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